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Fake Relationships on Social Media: Use My Free Android Spy

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Tweens and teens of this era are exposed to many things that are dangerous for them. Not only it is about their company at schools, but it is also about the gadgets that they have in their hands as well. The more freedom you provide them, the better are the chances of them being trapped in the wrong turn. Especially, when it comes to the use of the internet and social media, there is so much that parents don’t know and they think their kids are handling it well where in fact, it is quite the opposite. Social media brings about many exciting things for them in their social life, but many of these things are quite dangerous and can ruin their lives. This is where parents need to understand that their intervention is necessary. 

Where social media is the best entertaining platform as per the opinions of kids, there are many dangers attached to it as well. For instance, you never know with whom are your kids interacting when they are stuck to their phones all day. As soon as they join social media, they love to talk to strangers and get to know people. They think that these strangers can be kinder to them than the people they are surrounded with in real life. This can lead to many other things. These strangers can be predators, fake friends, bullies, or people who want to take advantage of young kids. In any way, it is important to realize that your kids are in danger whether they are joining social media for fun or not. And using my free android spy software is necessary.

Relationships are the most common outcomes of such chats with strangers. Tweens and teens are at this vulnerable stage where they can do anything to feel loved and appreciated. They say that they don’t get such things from their home so they tend to move towards social media to attain such feelings. But, very little do they know that social media is not their friend and there is a lot that needs to be reviewed before making such friends and developing relationships. Unfortunately, kids don’t tend to understand these things, instead, they shut down these voices and try to get along with their relationships as far as they can. This is why parents of this era need to be aware of the use of Android spy app to make sure they know what their kids are up to. 

Why are Online Relationships Dangerous?

It is very important to know that everyone, including predators, on social media knows that the new kids joining this platform are vulnerable and open to relationships. So, they tend to act that way. They behave nicely to these kids, pretend like they are their well-wishers like they understand every situation they are going through, and ultimately this all moves towards a toxic online relationship where kids should never go. But, kids are kids, when they behave nice with them, these kids think that they are doing everything right and they should pursue. But, as time passes, some serious dangers come across associated with such relationships that are important for the parents to know beforehand. These issues are:

  • You think your kids are smart enough to handle these things but as soon as they enter these fake relationships, they tend to do everything that the other person asks them to do, and that includes sexting as well. Not much time passes when the other person asks the kids to share texts, images, and videos of sexual nature to enhance the relationship so that they can move forward. As horrible as it sounds, it is very dangerous for the kids to share such things that can be used against them in the future. 
  • Soon enough, you will see that your kid is falling into depression. Where they think that these online relationships are everything and that they are doing much better there, they get to know that it was all unreal and fake. Also, it makes it hard for them to turn back to real life as they get too much indulged in social life. They can hardly develop any relationships after they have gone through so-called serious online relationships. 
  • They become anti-social. They get used to sharing their emotions and feelings through texts and calls so much that they are unable to do the same in real life where the other person is actually in front of them. Instead of being more expressive and being able to share easily, they become anti-social and find it hard to cope with the crowd. This is a serious communication disability that can affect every relationship in their life. 

If you are still not convinced that you need to use my free android spy app to protect your kids, you need to look into the news and see how these things are putting the kids in extreme danger where they have even tried taking their own lives. It is time for the parents to step up instead of leaving everything to the kids. 

Using My Free Android Spy Software

Mobistealth is the best Android spy app that can help you in knowing what your kids are up to and what they are doing on social media. You can see the mistakes they are making and you can guide them accordingly with the use of this efficient app. Moreover, it is one of the best spy apps Android that can help you in tracking and monitoring your kids at the same time as you can never trust them with strangers. No matter how naïve they are in thinking that these strangers are there for their well-being, you can know how someone can easily take advantage of them and humiliate them. So, be there for them, know what they are doing, and guide them in the proper respectable manner.

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