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These Types of Teens Are Likely to be Bullied Online and Offline

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Did you know that there are several reasons why someone may be bullied by another person? Any kid or teen, no matter what personality they possess or what place they are, can be bullied for different reasons. In fact, any person can be a target of bullying, both in the online and offline worlds. No matter if a teen is athletic, strong, or even popular; the truth is they can also be a victim of cyberbullying.

However, there are certain characteristics in a teen’s personality that might increase their chances of getting bullied by someone. While every teen should be taught to recognize signs of bullying and how to get away with it, they should also remember to not change their characteristics to avoid bullying.

Bullying, whether it’s happening online or offline, is about the wrong choices the bully makes. It doesn’t happen because of some alleged defect in the target person. Bullying should be solely blamed on the person who bullies, not on the person who is being bullied.

Bullying is such a problem that only gets worse if parents or guardians do not intervene at the right time to nip it in the bud. While you can always install the best spy apps for Android or iPhone to screen your kid’s social media activity and prevent them from getting bullied online, it is also important to teach them how to recognize bullying.

Types of Teens Who Might Get Bullied  

It should be known that only the bully should be blamed for bullying and not the victim. The responsibility should only fall on the shoulders of the bully, not the victim. Nevertheless, there are different types of kids or teens who often easily become the target of bullies.

There are a few characteristics or attributes in teens that make bullying more likely. Teens having certain attributes in their personality can be easily bullied.


Popular teens can become the target of bullying. Teens who are good at what they do can be easily bullied. There will be a lot of times teens will be bullied because they get a lot of attention from their adults and their peers. They can be excellent in sports, good at studies, and extraordinary in extracurricular activities. In short, they are known as popular kids at school.

Bullies specifically target such popular kids at school because they either feel inferior to them or they are concerned that their abilities are being outshined by the target’s abilities. Consequently, bullies target such kids hoping to make them feel bad about themselves or make others doubt their capabilities.

Creative, Intelligent

Bullies also target intelligent, creative, and determined students at school because these kids go that extra mile on their studies, homework, and assignments. When it comes to preparing assignments and projects, they completed them faster than the other students. Such students are often targeted by others for doing extremely well in school. Bullies feel envy towards such students because they cannot become like them and have competition with them. They single them out because of jealousy.  

Vulnerable, Innocent

Teens who are submissive, vulnerable, and introverted are more likely to be bullied than teens who are assertive, smart, and extroverted. Kids with low self-esteem are more likely to be targeted by bullies. On the other hand, teens who are involved in people-pleasing are often targeted by bullies because they can be easily manipulated.

Many studies show that kids who suffer from anxiety and depression can also be easily bullied by others and that makes their condition even worse. Bullies choose such kids particularly because they are easy targets and they won’t possibly even fight back. Bullies like to feel powerful and in control and that’s the reason they school teens that are weaker than them.

Isolated, Introverted

Bullies also target teens who are isolated or remain depressed most of the time. Teens who have fewer friends or do not hang out with anyone at school are more likely to be bullied by others. Such teens are often rejected by their peers, excluded from major school events, and even spend most of the time alone at school and during recess times.

Both parents and teachers can prevent isolated and introverted students from being bullied by helping them develop bonds and friendships with other students at school. Teens who have good company are less likely to be targeted and bullied by others.

Different Race/Caste

It has also been seen on various occasions that kids get bullied because they belong to a different race or caste. For example, in schools, it is often witnessed that white students bully black students and single them out. Even black students single out white students and bully them.

Bullying happens with kids belonging to different races, castes, cultures, and religions. Some students even single out others because they happen to follow some other religion. This is called religious bullying and it is quite common everywhere.

The bad thing about bullying is, it has become worse with the invention of technology and smartphones. Cyberbullying is becoming widespread on social media. Bullies enjoy cyberbullying even more than traditional bullying because they can hide their real identities behind the screen of an electronic device and still can target innocent, isolated, and popular kids at school.

Parents, teachers, and guardians can come together to prevent cyberbullying. They can consider following a few important online safety tips to protect kids from all sorts of potential online dangers including cyberbullying. One of the important internet safety tips is using iPhone or Android spy app on kids’ smartphones to monitor all the messages, texts, and emails they receive from others on the internet.

By using reliable monitoring apps such as Mobistealth and educating teens about online dangers and the consequences of not sharing anything about cyberbullying experiences that they might have encountered, they can keep them far away from the dangerous and harmful effects of cyberbullying.

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