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What is the Best Free Keylogger? Let's Find Out Everything About It

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Have you ever wanted to find out what your kid is typing on their phone all day long? Do you want to know who they keep exchanging texts and chats with? Are you concerned about their web searches? Being a parent in the digital age can take a toll on most parents especially when they are not aware of the means to monitor their kid’s internet usage.

In these digital times, it is important to be aware of your kid’s online activities and to know what they have been doing on their devices all day long. Most kids cannot tackle harmful online threats on their own so they always need some kind of supervision from their adults.

Thanks to advanced technology, we are now living in an age where we can access different monitoring and parental control apps to let our kids feel safe on the internet. If you want to dig deep into your kid’s smartphone activities, we would recommend you use a keylogger app. But what is the best free keylogger that you can use?

Introduction to Keylogger

A keylogger is a computer program or software that records and captures all the keystrokes pressed on the target device. After the keystrokes are recorded, they are converted into a presentable form and transported to your online dashboard, allowing you to see the required results.

Back in the days, investigation agencies and police officials used keylogging programs to trace a person. In the current times, people are using keylogging programs for different purposes. The keylogger program has both legitimate and illegitimate uses.

Parents who are constantly worried about their kid’s secret online activities can make use of a keylogger program to find out whether or not their kid is safe on the internet and social media platforms. On the other hand, an employer can use keylogger software to record and monitor their employees’ activities during office hours. Now, this calls for the legitimate use of the keylogger.

The illegitimate uses of the keylogger software include hacking and stealing someone’s private and confidential information from their device. Hackers and cybercriminals can use keylogger programs to steal someone’s identity and personal information from their devices and accounts.  

Therefore, we cannot say that using a keylogging program is legal because it can also be used for carrying out illegal activities.  

What is the Best Free Keylogger?

Now we come to answering the question, “what is the best free keylogger?” Certainly, the market is laden with numerous parental control apps, monitoring, and spy apps as well as keylogging programs. While it is practically impossible to try and test each of them, what we can do is go through the customer reviews it has garnered over the last few years.

By reading the customer reviews, you will have the slightest idea of how well the keylogger has been perceived among the users out there. You can also check out the detailed information given on the keylogger’s website and go through its terms and conditions.

In our point of view, a keylogger program works best when it is combined with other monitoring features. There is no harm in getting a keylogger app that exclusively provides the keylogging feature. However, you won’t be able to monitor anything else other than the keystrokes pressed on the target device.

Instead of opting for an exclusive keylogger program, we would suggest going for an advanced monitoring solution that also provides other important surveillance features. Let’s pick Mobistealth as an example.

Mobistealth is said to be one of the leaders in the monitoring app market. It is ranked at number 4 for the best monitoring apps in the market right now. This monitoring app provides basic as well as advanced monitoring features.

With this monitoring solution, you can monitor someone’s computer, smartphone, as well as tablet activity. All you need to do is install the monitoring app on the target device and start monitoring their activities.

Why is Mobistealth the Best Keylogger?

Mobistealth can monitor someone’s phone calls, text messages, social media activity, instant chats, emails, location, as well as keystrokes. This particular app also offers other monitoring features such as Gmail logging, surround recording, picture logging, etc. It can also let you view the list of applications installed on the target device.

One of its promising features is keylogging. This feature works best on Android, Mac, and Windows computers. All the keystrokes pressed on the target device are captured and recorded by the monitoring app and then they are converted into a readable form. The keylogger removes the confusing spaces between the text so it becomes readable for the user. Hence, this keylogger enhances the readability for the user.

The user can log into their online dashboard and view the recorded keystrokes that have been made on the target device. For instance, the recorded keystrokes will include all the web searches made on the internet browser, all the text messages and instant chats exchanged with someone, etc.

The user can remotely monitor the recorded data from anywhere and at any time. They just need to have physical access to the target phone to be able to install the keylogger on their device. The rest of the job is quite easy.

Mobistealth is the best keylogger and is highly recommended because the app stays undetected and hidden on the target device. In case you do not want the target person to know about a monitoring app being installed on their device, you can use Mobistealth. What you need to do is, install the application on the target device and hide its icon in the Applications list. That way you would not need to have any confrontation with the target person, especially if they are your kids.

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