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What is the Keylogger Definition? Does It Monitor Someone's Activity?

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Since online threats have become widespread, parents feel their kids are not safe on the internet anymore. They look for solutions to protect their kids from online dangers so that they can have a safe experience on the internet.

On the other hand, most data losses in the company occur due to the negligent behavior of employees. Even data breaches are caused because of the fraudulent behavior of employees. To check and monitor employees at work, employers need to use monitoring solutions.

Keyloggers are also built for monitoring purposes. It is also a type of monitoring tool that helps you learn about someone’s activity on their electronic device. Let us study the keylogger definition and find out how this technology helps you monitor someone’s activity.

The Keylogger Definition

A keylogger is a computer program built for the process of keystroke logging. It can record and capture everything that has been typed by someone on their computer or mobile phone keyboard. This type of software is used to secretly monitor someone’s computer or mobile phone activity while they continue using their devices as normal.

A keylogger is used for legitimate purposes such as monitoring your kid’s keystrokes on their devices as well as keeping a check on employees’ computer activities during office hours. It can also be used to get feedback for software development. However, keyloggers can also be misused by cybercriminals and online hackers to steal your important data.

We can explain the concept of a keylogger by breaking it down into two definitions:

Keystroke logging: This process involves recording and capturing every key pressed by the target person on their device’s keyboard.

Keylogger tools: These include all the programs and devices that are being used to log someone’s keystrokes. For instance, Mobistealth can be termed as a keylogger tool. We will talk more about it later in this post.

Keyloggers can be used everywhere. For example, they can be found in your Microsoft products and in employer’s computers and services. Parents can install the keylogger app on their kid’s phone to monitor everything they have been typing on their phones. The same goes for employers when they need to monitor their employees.

In some cases, even partners may secretly install the keylogger software in their spouse’s mobile phone or laptop to confirm their suspicions of unfaithfulness. In a worst-case scenario, the keylogging programs are used by online hackers to steal someone’s confidential data from their devices.

Whether the keyloggers are used for legitimate or illegal purposes, you need to be aware of how keyloggers can affect you. For this, you need to understand how a keylogger works. That way you can secure yourself if someone is trying to use the keylogger program to steal your data.

How Does a Keylogger Work?

A keylogger can either be hardware or software. It is meant to carry out the process of keystroke logging. The keyloggers record the data sent by every keystroke pressed on the keyboard into a text file that can be retrieved later.

Let’s say we are using Mobistealth as our keylogger software. Even though it is a monitoring solution but it also works as a keylogger. In fact, the keylogging feature is one of the features offered by Mobistealth. This feature only works in Android, Mac, and Windows devices.

As soon as the Mobistealth is installed on the target device, its keylogging feature becomes active. It records all the keystrokes pressed on the target device and converts the logged data into a readable form. The keylogger removes the confusing spaces in the text to enhance its readability for the user.

The user can retrieve the recorded data remotely from anywhere and any time by opening its online dashboard. All they need to do is log in to their Mobistealth account and remotely monitor the activity taking place inside the target device.

Most companies are now using keyloggers as a surveillance tool to monitor their employees’ computers and mobile phones during working hours. This is one of the legitimate uses of the keylogger and no one can have objection to it.

Mobistealth is the Best Keylogger

Now that you are fully aware of the keylogger definition and you know how it works, you need to find out which keylogger would work best for you. After testing different keyloggers in the market, we came down to realize that Mobistealth acts as the best free keylogger. You can get an idea about this keylogger by using its trial version for two weeks.

One of the good things about Mobistealth is that this keylogger stays hidden and undetected on the target device. This can work pretty well for parents who do not wish to tell their kids about the keylogger app installed on their phone. That way they can save a confrontation with their kids.

It’s not necessary to take your kid’s consent before installing the keylogger app on their phone because they will be more likely to become offended. Similarly, even most employers do not need their employees’ consent before monitoring their activity during office hours because it is given that their activity will be recorded for the company’s safety.  

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