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Does iPhone Text Message Hack Exist? How Does It Work?

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Have you ever wondered how hackers could break into your iPhone? You probably think it would start with clicking a malicious link in an email or text message, downloading a fraudulent app on your device, or some other way you have accidentally let the hacker in.

If you’re thinking your iPhone is protected from potential hacks then you’re wrong. Even a simple message received on the iPhone could be enough to get your device hacked. Recently, the iPhone text message hack has surfaced online, making users cautious about their devices’ safety.

So what is this iPhone text message hack all about? When did it begin? How does the iPhone hack text message works? In this post, we are going to discuss everything about the iPhone text message hack. Let's learn what the iPhone hack text message is all about. 

What is the iPhone Text Message Hack? How Does it Work?

Before you learn about the iPhone hack text message, let us talk about something important. A few months back, research was conducted by a team at Project Zero, a security research group formed by Google that helps to track down so-called “zero-day” vulnerabilities. They found six security flaws inside the iPhone. Of the six flaws, one of them has still not been fixed by Apple.

This flaw in Apple’s iOS software allows the hacker to take charge of your device by simply sending you a bugged message. The reason these bugs have been named as such is that whoever is in control of the software would have “zero days” to find a solution.

These bugs are considered a valuable tool for hackers, cybercriminals and intelligence agencies. On the other hand, many security companies have attempted to find and fix them.

Of the six flaws found by the Project Xero team, one of them, which is still not yet fixed by Apple, allowed a hacker to break into an iPhone by sending an iMessage with malicious code.

All you need to do is open the text message and the cybercriminal can remotely access your iPhone. Once they find a way through your device, they can copy your sensitive data such as photos, videos, messages as well as bank details.

Google also reported having found other flaws in the security system of the iPhone that allowed hackers to break into iPads and Mac computers using similar methods. According to an article featured on The Sun, of the six flaws found in the iPhone by the Project Zero team, Apple has now fixed five. To protect your device from these security flaws, all you need to do is simply update to the latest version of iOS.

How to Update Your iPhone

As we mentioned above, the best way to keep your device protected from the security flaws highlighted by Google is to update your iPhone. Below, we have given a step-by-step guide to updating your iPhone wirelessly:

Step 1: First of all, you need to start your iPhone, connect it to a charger, and connect to a stable WIFI network.

Step 2: Now Tap Settings > General > Software Update

Step 3: In the third step, you need to tap “Download and Install”.

Step 4: Now, tap “Install” to update your iPhone immediately, or tap “Later” and select “Install Tonight” if you want to update your device while it is plugged overnight

Step 5: You may be required to enter your passcode to continue with the update process.

Is There Any Other Way to Hack iPhone Messages?

Is there any other way to carry out the iPhone hack text message? Yes, of course, there is! But we wouldn’t recommend hacking someone’s iPhone device or its messages unless you have a strong valid reason for doing so.

Usually, concerned parents may want to hack into their kid’s iPhone device to find out what they have been doing on their device all day long. This is done to keep them safe and secure from potential online dangers out there.

Employers may also need to monitor their employees’ performance during office hours to make sure they are paying attention to the assigned tasks and not spending time performing leisure activities.

Similarly, a person may want to hack their partner’s messages to find out who they have been talking to or meeting with behind their back. They usually spy on their partner’s text messages to confirm whether or not they are cheating on them.

These are a few reasons a person may be interested in hacking into someone’s iPhone. Other than them if someone tries to hack another person’s iPhone, it could be fishy and termed as a cybercrime.

For the parties having valid reasons to hack an iPhone, several companies have introduced iPhone tracking, iPhone hacking, and iPhone monitoring solutions. iPhone monitoring apps like Mobistealth are used to monitor someone’s iPhone activity.

So if you hear someone asking this question, “can someone hack my iPhone?” you can tell them that yes it can be hacked. Some hackers may use the iPhone text message hack to break into iPhones whereas some people having valid reasons may use monitoring apps to view what’s happening inside the device. The iPhone hack text message can be done with the help of a reliable and professional monitoring app. 

The choice is completely yours. You need to decide which method you would like to adopt.

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