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Keep Tabs on Your Kid's Location with Best Free Android Tracking App

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What if you felt the need to track your kid’s location? To ensure the kid’s safety, most parents would come up with this thought. It’s a matter of great concern for most parents to make sure their kids are safe, wherever they are.

Thanks to advanced technology, we now have GPS technology installed in the smartphones that let us track our loved one’s location from anywhere and at any time. People make use of the best free Android tracking app or iPhone tracking app to keep tabs on their kid’s whereabouts and rightfully so.

No parent would want to leave their child on their own, unguarded. Because technology has blessed with tracking apps, we should make it a point to utilize them more often.

Parents Using Tech to Track their Kids  

An article published by Meghan Collie in the lifestyle section of the Global News Canada explained to us how parents are using tech to track their kid’s location. The author went on to share the story about how Tom, a father of two sons, ages 15 and 20, started using a tracking app to make sure his children remain safe.

Tom had made a deal with his son that they would only be allowed to keep cell phones if they do not have anything private and confidential on them. His sons readily agreed to the condition without raising any issue.

Tom said that his children trust him because they knew their father wouldn’t snoop on their device activity until necessary, especially in the time of emergency. Each member of Tom’s family has also installed a cell phone tracking app that allows them to see where they are located at any given moment.

Tom had been using the app to track his sons, but the only reason for doing so was to ensure they were safe. The tracking app helped Tom to locate his 20-year old’s son whereabouts, who had gone away at school in a different city. Tom even said that the app allowed him to calm his parental worried without having to intrude on his son’s private life.

In fact, Tom isn’t the only parent who is concerned about his children’s safety. A survey conducted back in 2016 showed us that 16 percent of parents with teens between the ages of 13 and 17 admitted to tracking their whereabouts.

Tracking children’s location has become increasingly common among parents but the truth is, not all children will be ready to let their parents monitor their whereabouts as Tom’s. Some children dislike the idea of their parents keeping tabs on their every move. Thus, parents need to keep that in mind before tracking their location.

Usually, children have a dispute with their parents when they do not want them to be watched over or when they feel their parents are spying on them because they don’t trust them. such feelings can cause conflict between the child and the parent.  

That is why it is important that parents seek their child’s consent and gain their confidence before monitoring their location. When parents make their children understand that they are only using the tracking app to ensure their safety and not to snoop on their whereabouts or other online activity, children won’t feel offended and betrayed.

Using the Best Free Android Tracking App

For most parents, knowing where their kid is with a single tap on the phone screen can be extremely comforting. Especially parents dealing with anxiety and stress can make use of such tracking apps to find out their kid’s exact location.

Parents or any other concerned person can rest assured that their loved ones have reached a certain destination safety. The good thing is that different apps have been designed for different platforms. For instance, you can use the best spy app for Android like Mobistealth to find your kid’s Android location.

Similarly, various iPhone tracking apps have been developed to help parents locate their children’s location via their iPhone devices. Tracking apps can be convenient, letting you track your child without disturbing them by asking ‘where are you?’ or ‘have you reached?’ by a phone call or text message.

By using cell phone tracking apps, especially those that allow children to see their parents’ location too can also help the families stay connected to each other all the time.

What’s more, you can also monitor your kid’s smartphone activity besides locating their whereabouts. Parents who want to know what their kid does on the phone all day long can install the tracking app on their device and start monitoring all the activities your child is engaged in on their device. 

They can monitor their child’s incoming and outgoing phone calls, emails, and text messages and also track their web browsing history and social media activity. Parents can also find out who their children have been talking to and what sort of messages they are exchanging with them.

Monitoring kid’s online activity helps parents keep them safe from threats lurking on the internet. However, it is better to have a discussion with your child before you start monitoring their online activity. Having your child’s approval will help you guide them properly and teach them how to use the internet safely and responsibly.

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