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Prevent Your Child from Viewing Porn with Android Hack Tools

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Have you ever found your child watching pornography on their digital gadget? If yes, it’s time for you to stop them from watching porn online. Exposure to pornography at a tender age can have serious effects on a child’s mental health and wellbeing.

In this post, we are going to discuss a case study about a tween who was caught by his mother watching porn on his tablet. Let’s also learn how parents can prevent their children from watching porn with the help of monitoring tools including Android hack tools.

Tween Caught Watching Porn On His Tablet

Last year, an article was posted on The Irish Times, where a mother expressed her concern about her 13-year-old son watching pornography. In the beginning, she was shocked to think that his son was watching porn.

However, later, she thought about it realistically and concluded that teenage boys might do the same. She tried to handle the situation without over-shaming him. Being his parent, she sat down with him and explained to him that porn is nothing close to the real sex and in any way a loving act. She also explained the truth behind how porn videos are produced, exploiting women and men’s perception towards them.

She went on to introduce some house rules as well. She strictly told her son that he won’t be allowed to use his tablet inside his bedroom and that she will keep a check on his internet usage. What she didn’t yet consider is the use of monitoring software or, in other words, porn blocking software. She felt having porn blocking software installed would not turn out to be effective especially when her son will visit his friends’ houses and can use their devices to watch porn.

She knew that it is normal for men to watch porn but her son was too young for it and she didn’t want him to have distorted views about love and sex and feel bad about his sexuality. What concerned her the most was that watching porn at a young age would also mess up his expectations and views of sex or that he would start looking at other extreme stuff on the internet.

Prevent Children from Watching Porn

With the usage of the internet and digital devices becoming rampant, children and teens are accessing and viewing adult content more frequently than ever before. A decade ago, it was nearly impossible for children and teens to view porn as compared to now where it is only a few clicks away on their computer.

Parents are concerned because they do not want their children to view porn at a young age. Watching porn at a tender age will only disrupt their mental health and wellbeing. It will also destroy their concepts of healthy love, relationships, and sexuality. With the advanced technologies, children can view porn whenever they want and they can also access other inappropriate and violent content online.

Using Android Hack Tools

Going back to the case study discussed above, we can see that the mother has already put some restrictions on his teenage son. She has banned him from using his tablet in his room and also started monitoring his internet usage.

However, what she didn’t do is deploying a monitoring app on his tablet. There’s no doubt that she is already doing a lot of things to help his son stay away from porn on the internet. It is also good to not over shame him for watching porn or his sexuality.

She has the right to protect him from watching inappropriate content at a young age and to encourage him to understand the real meaning of porn when he comes across it on the internet.

While she might think using monitoring tools or apps is not a complete solution to her problem, it is still very much part of the solution for her teenage son. It is important to not let your child use their device in their bedroom or to turn off the WIFI in the night. In addition, it is helpful to let your child know that you have deployed a monitoring app on their device to monitor their online activity.

A monitoring app may come in the form of a cell phone or computer monitoring app, letting you keep track of your child’s online activities. You can also hack Android of your child to find out what they have been doing on their device all day long.

By explaining to your child that you are deploying the monitoring app for their good and their online safety, you can gain their confidence and monitor their online activity without keeping a secret from them. This way your child will not feel their online privacy is being violated by you.

This will help you develop a healthy relationship with your children. Always let your children feel that they can come to you for a discussion at any time. tell them it’s okay to talk about porn or whatever they come across on the internet. A healthy discussion will strengthen the bond you share with your children and help them stay safe from online threats.

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