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What Are the Different Types of Employee Monitoring?

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Employee monitoring has been around for a long time now. Almost every other business and company has deployed employee monitoring solutions in the workplace to keep an eye on their employees. Companies have derived several benefits with employee monitoring tools.

Employee monitoring and surveillance have become an integral part of almost every company now. However, as technology has advanced, the employee monitoring practices have certainly changed for better. In this post, we are going to talk about the different types of employee monitoring practices.

What is Employee Monitoring?

Employee monitoring is a practice in which businesses or employers make use of different monitoring tools and different means of surveillance to gather information about employee computer use, location, as well as their performance.

If you think your employees are wasting too much time during office hours, or you suspect your employees to be sharing the company’s sensitive data with outsiders, you should definitely consider deploying employee monitoring software on your employee’s device so you can collect all the data about them.

Types of Employee Monitoring

Now that we have learned about employee monitoring is all about, let us discuss different means of employee tracking.

Video Monitoring

Video monitoring is a common type of employee surveillance. However, this monitoring practice is commonly used for security reasons than for actually monitoring employees at the workplace. Employers are using video monitoring in the workplace to prevent violence, theft, or sabotage.

Every organization, whether big or small, should use CCTV in the workplace so they can know what’s going on. They can even replay the videos and see what had actually happened if something goes wrong.


Several employers are now giving keycards to their employees. The majority of the organizations have them these days. An employee cannot roam around the office building without having a keycard. A keycard comprises of a computer chip. As soon as the card is swiped at the door, the system instantly recognizes if the employee in question has access to that portion of the office building.

If they do have access, the door will automatically open for them, otherwise, the employee won’t be able to walk through the door. In some cases, they may even trigger some kind of alarm system in the building.

With the help of the keycards, it can be found out when each employee has reached the office as well as in which area of the building, they are present at the moment. Employers can track the punctuality and attendance of their employees with keycards.

Network Monitoring

With the help of network monitoring, companies can track internet traffic that comes and goes from the company’s network. Most companies use a router or firewall to scan the content and email IDs that are being used on the company’s network.

With the help of these programs, companies can recognize malicious content, infected devices, and at sort of suspicious activity taking place on the network. What’s more, they can also monitor who is accessing which files on the network. They can also see who has downloaded or edited documents.

Email Monitoring

Employees should know that their work email addresses aren’t private and they shouldn’t be exchanging personal emails or discuss private matters through them under any circumstances. The majority of companies use email hosting services and they have got the admin access which enables them or their IT admins to monitor the work emails every now and then.

Usually, the employees know that they shouldn’t be using their work email addresses for private matters. However, if they do, then their emails can be easily tracked by the IT team of the company. In case they have tried to talk to a family member or attempted to share the company’s private data with an outsider, the IT team can track those emails and present them to the employer or boss of the company.

Web Browsing and Social Media Monitoring

Companies can also monitor their employees’ web browsing and social media activities. By tracking their web browsing history and social media activity, employers can find out what their employees are doing online during working hours and who they have been interacting with.

Employee Monitoring Software

Last but not least, companies are using employee monitoring software. This has become the most popular employee monitoring practice among companies recently. There are so many different employee monitoring and tracking tools available out there, comprising of several features.

One of our most recommended employee monitoring tools is Mobistealth. This employee monitoring tool lets employers track their employee’s computer and mobile use, web browsing activity, location, as well as social media activity.

When companies are using Mobistealth, they do not have to worry about employee monitoring ethics because it is ethical to keep an eye on your employee’s activity during working hours. The company wants to protect itself from a data breach or data theft. Therefore, they can use the employee tracking tools.

With technology progressing day by day, employee monitoring tools are becoming more popular, and for a good reason. These tracking tools help companies boost employee productivity, manage their time as well as projects easily, and also improve their employee evaluation and cost calculation.

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