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Why Employee Internet Monitoring Is Important for Companies?

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A recent study revealed that most employees spend around two to three hours a day browsing the internet and social media accounts for personal reasons. Sometimes, employees tend to spend more time on the internet for personal reasons than they have been intended to do so. As a result, they tend to lose their productivity and become less productive at work.

It has been seen that most employees do online shopping, internet banking, pay bills through the internet, chat with their friends on social media platforms, send tweets on Twitter, watch movies, and much more. The problem arises when employees do all of these things during office hours.

That is the reason why most employers want to carry out employee internet monitoring because they don’t want their employees to abuse the internet at work and pay more attention to their job. Let us learn how employees abuse the internet in the workplace.

Internet Abuse at Work

Employees should not forget that the presence of the internet at work is a privilege for them. Yet, they continue to abuse this privilege by misusing the internet for personal reasons. Employees who are dissatisfied with their jobs tend to spend more hours looking for jobs. On the other hand, disgruntled employees spend most hours a day doing everything from looking for new food recipes, online shopping, watching their favourite TV shows, and participating in online challenges.  

In some other cases, employees are found changing the position of their laptop/computer, making the view of the device screen impossible to see by anyone except for themselves. Now, this behavior can raise suspicions of the manager of the company. Consequently, they will start looking at employee internet history and consider monitoring their online activity.

In severe cases, employees who are too bored or have ample of free time tend to watch porn stuff on the internet at work. Without employee monitoring tools set in place, the employer would never find out that their employee has been viewing porn in the workplace. This could cause the employer to face a lawsuit for sexual harassment or a claim for a terrible work environment.

Under such circumstances, the employer would be left with no option but to ask the employee to leave the company. Before such severe circumstances arise, it is better to install employee monitoring tools in the workplace and see what their employees have been doing on the internet and how many hours they are spending online.

Why Employee Internet Monitoring is Important

Employee internet monitoring is important because employers should know what their employees are doing on the internet and how much time they are spending online visiting sites or doing some other stuff.

Employers should know what sort of sites their employees are visiting online. This helps them know whether or not employees are not opening any inappropriate sites that include pornographic content. Also, employers can know what sort of videos employees are viewing on YouTube.

With employee monitoring software, employers can find out what apps their employees are using. They can also track if they are using any unsuitable apps. On the other hand, employers can find out whether or not the employees are playing online games, watching movies on YouTube or Netflix, or simply chatting with their friends on social media or instant messaging apps.

Employee monitoring tools help prevent data breaches in the company. Suppose you have a dishonest employee in your company who is sharing the company’s confidential data with a third-party or outside who is supposedly your competitor.

The sharing of the company’s private data could take place either via instant chats, emails, or phone calls. All of these activities can be monitored if an effective monitoring solution has been installed in the workplace.

That way, employers can keep the company’s data protected from a data breach. There are many other reasons that suggest employee internet monitoring is important for companies. It increases employee engagement, enhances employee productivity, and reduces the chance of a data breach in the company.

Which Employee Monitoring Software Should Be Used?

In our opinion, Mobistealth is the best employee monitoring software that can be used to monitor employees’ activities during office hours. Most companies try to look for open-source employee monitoring software but we do not suggest using that one.

It is better to use the trial version of a good and effective employee monitoring software first and if you are satisfied with its service and features, then you should buy its premium version. Mobistealth has all the right monitoring features to track your employees’ work activities including their emails, text messages, phone calls, internet browsing history, social media activity, and GPS location.

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