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Use Employee Activity Monitoring Software to Monitor Employees

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Monitoring employees in the workplace can bring in several benefits for the company as well as the employer if it is done the right way. With the help of employee activity monitoring software, employers can find out which employees are slacking off and who are working hard and are more productive.

Monitoring software can help you identify areas where your staff workers and employees are wasting the company’s precious time and resources on their private matters. In this post, we are going to discuss three different ways to monitor your company’s employees legally as well as effectively.

Monitor Computer Activity

One of the easiest and reliable methods to monitor your employees’ activities in the office is to use special employee monitoring software. Mobistealth is the leading employee activity monitoring software that helps you find out what your employees have been up to during office hours.

This employee monitoring software is essentially spy software that can be installed on all devices including computers and mobile phones. You can track your employee’s online behavior and monitor their internet activity. This is done to ensure employees are not engaged in any unlawful behavior or exposing the company’s confidential data with outsiders.

Mobistealth helps prevent a major data leak in a company especially if one of the dishonest employees is trying to share the company’s private information with a third-party or business competitor. The company can witness an increase in employee productivity as well as employee engagement.

The employer can detect slackers, time-wasters, and also learn who is the most productive employee at work. Based on this evaluation, the employer can decide who deserves a reward. All an employer needs to do is install the monitoring software on the employee’s device and monitor their online activity remotely from anywhere by simply logging into their account.

You can find out what sites your employees are visiting and how much time they are spending on it. You can also track their internet and social media usage. With all this information, you can decide which employees are wasting time during working hours and which ones are actually working.

Monitor Phone Calls, Emails, and Text Messages

Mobistealth allows you to track your employees’ phone calls, emails as well as text messages during office hours. With this information, you can track and record their conversations and interactions with other staff members, clients, customers, or your partners for different reasons.

Monitoring employee email is also crucial for every business. You can track their emails and text messages and see what sort of conversations they are having with others. In case you find something suspicious and wrong, you can immediately call your employee and confront them for their behavior.

The same goes for phone calls. All incoming and outgoing phone calls on the employee’s mobile phone are recorded by Mobistealth and then the recorded data is sent to the online dashboard for you to listen to them and decide what’s going on.

If you have a sales team who is constantly in touch with your customers and clients, you can record their phone calls with them and listen to them later. By doing this, you can figure out what kind of conversations they are having with your clients and whether or not those conversations are up to the mark.

It is noteworthy to mention that it is illegal to record and listen to your employee’s personal calls. As an employer, you are only entitled to listen to the phone calls that have been made to your clients and other employees. The same goes for emails and text messages. You can only monitor their work emails and text messages. No personal emails and text messages should be tracked at any cost.

Monitor Employee’s Location

It is important to track your employee’s location if you want to completely follow employee monitoring policies. You can track your employee’s location either by installing a GPS tracking app on the company-owned vehicle or mobile phone.

Employees should not break any laws while they are tracking their employee’s location. You need to provide your employees with equipment that will allow you to track their whereabouts. When you provide your employee with a vehicle, you have all the right to install a GPS tracker on it. The same goes for a company-owned mobile phone. Once installed, you can track your employees wherever they go.

GPS tracking of employees is helpful especially if your employees often go out for business meetings and tours. You can track their location to see if they are at the same location where they were supposed to be. Once an employee is aware that their location is being tracked, they won’t try to go anywhere else other than the intended location.

Last but not least, employers should never track the non-business activity of their employees. When employees have off-days or off-hours, they expect some privacy and do not want to be monitored then. Therefore, you should never monitor them when they are not working.

Employee Activity Monitoring Software: Use it Correctly

As you can see from the above-mentioned post, it is evident that you can monitor your employees in different ways. You can track their internet usage, computer activity, phone calls, emails, text messages as well as their whereabouts and location.

Each country has different laws and regulations for employee monitoring. Keeping in mind those laws and regulations, every employer should follow them correctly to ensure they are monitoring their employees legally and effectively.

You can use Mobistealth as your employee activity monitoring software to track your employees in the workplace. You can start by giving it a try to its trial version for two weeks and once you’re satisfied with the service, you can purchase its premium version and benefit from the advanced employee monitoring features.

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