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How to Carry Out Gmail Tracking with the Help of Mobistealth?

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Have you ever wondered reading someone’s email messages without getting caught? You might have thought about this when you wanted to know something about your children’s online activity or wanted to keep track of your employee’s activity.

It is likely for concerned parents and employers to read someone’s emails and perform Gmail tracking activity. Most of the time, they have valid reasons for tracking someone’s emails. Parents may want to track their children’s email messages because they do not want their children to engage with an unknown person.

On the other hand, anxious employers want to keep tabs on their employees’ email messages because they want to make sure their employees do not share the company’s private and confidential data with a third-party or a competitor.

This is why most parents and employers want to carry out Gmail tracking activity because they want to keep themselves away from impending danger.

Email trackers are considered an effective solution when it comes to tracking someone’s emails because they let you do the job without letting the target person know anything. Mobistealth is the best email tracker that you can use for monitoring someone’s emails secretly.

Mobistealth email tracker will help you read all the emails of another person without having to worry about their password. You can track their emails from their Gmail account at any time no matter where you are located without having to worry about getting caught.

Whether you are a concerned parent who is trying hard to protect their children from online dangers or just a worried employer who wants to make sure there is no data leakage in their company, this email tracker will give you what you are looking for.

Is it Legal to Track Someone’s Emails?

Most of the concerned parents and employers do not make use of email trackers because they think it is illegal to use such kind of software. Well, that is completely untrue. It is legal to use an email tracker for tracking your kid’s emails especially if he/she is a minor.

Similarly, as an employer, you have every right to monitor your employees’ emails especially if they are using company-owned devices. In this case, you can go ahead and monitor their emails because the cell phones, computers, and tablets that your employees are using belong to you.

Hence, you can go ahead and install the Mobistealth email tracker on their devices and monitor their emails without asking for their permission. However, if there is someone else other than your kids or employees whose emails you wish to monitor then you need to get your consent.

Some people do not even consider seeking consent when they are monitoring their partner’s emails. They think it is important to spy on their partner’s emails because it will help them know that their partner is loyal in the relationship and is not cheating behind their back while talking to someone else. So, even in this case, monitoring your partner’s emails is not considered illegal.

What Does Mobistealth Email Tracker Offers?

Let us find out what does Mobistealth email tracker offers to its users. First of all, Mobistealth gives their user remote access to all the details of the Gmail activity taking place on the target device. These details can include complete information of the sender or recipient, the content of all the incoming and outgoing emails, the date and time stamp, and the entire email history.

Using Mobistealth as your email tracker, you are entitled to monitor all the incoming and outgoing emails on someone’s Gmail account remotely. Bear in mind that Gmail tracking feature is only supported on the Android devices.

You can be anywhere in the world and remotely keep a track on someone’s Gmail activity with the help of Mobistealth. This email tracking app allows you to monitor all the sent and received emails on your online dashboard. You can also check the date and time at which these emails were exchanged. The names of the senders and recipients along with their contact information can also be checked.

Besides Gmail tracking, Mobistealth also offers other features like location tracking, monitoring web browsing activity and teaching you how to hack Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

How to Carry Out Gmail Tracking Using Mobistealth?

To use Mobistealth as your email tracker for monitoring someone’s emails, the first step is to download the app from its official website and have it installed on the target’s device. Remember, for Android phones software installation is required while for iOS devices no installation is required at all. Only iTunes credentials are needed to monitor someone’s emails. However, you do not need to worry about the iOS devices because Gmail tracking feature does not work on them. 

As soon as you are done installing the app on the target device, you can log in to your Mobistealth user account and from there you can get to remotely monitor their incoming and outgoing emails from anywhere and at any time.

Before you begin monitoring their emails, you need to hide the Mobistealth app’s icon from the Application list on the target’s cell phone. Only then the app becomes undetectable on their device and makes them not become aware of the app.

The target person won’t be able to know that an email tracker has been deployed on their cell phone because the app stays hidden on their phone. In case you find your child exchanging inappropriate emails with an unknown person who turns out to be a paedophile or a sexual predator, you will be immediately notified and can ask your child to stop doing that.

Similarly, if you find an employee of yours sharing the company’s private data with a competitor or a third-party, you can immediately fire them for breaching the company’s privacy. Email trackers are beneficial to an employer because these tools help keep track of employees’ activity and stop them from leaking the company’s data with others.

Therefore, if you are looking for an effective email tracker that helps you track someone’s Gmail account, you can consider using Mobistealth. This email tracker logs all the incoming and outgoing emails and shares the logged data with you on your online user account, allowing you to remotely monitor their emails from any place and any time of the day.

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