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How Does Email Tracking Gmail Work for Employees?

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Monitoring employees’ activity has become an integral part of every organization now. There would be hardly any company left that has not deployed any monitoring solution on their employees’ devices yet. In this post, we will discuss how email tracking Gmail works for employees.

Companies or employers have several valid reasons for monitoring their employees’ email accounts. First of all, employee monitoring helps keep the company secure from leakage of sensitive information in the realm of the company.

Apart from that, monitoring your employees Gmail accounts or any other email accounts makes companies aware of whether or not employees are complying with the company’s regulations. Companies can also be aware of whether or not their employees are misbehaving with other employees or involved in any sort of office harassment.

Keeping a track of employees’ emails will help companies have evidence against them in case they want to file a suit against an employee for an office harassment case.

Is it Legal to Monitor Employees’ Emails?

While companies do have valid reasons to monitor their employees’ emails, let us find out whether it is legal and possible to do that. Let us tell you that it is absolutely possible to keep track of your employees’ emails.

On the other hand, companies are only allowed to monitor their employees’ emails legally under certain circumstances such as when they have written policies in their employee agreements. Companies must set written policies for internet usage and electronic code of conduct and make their employees sign them.

Employers need to inform their employees about monitoring to make it legal. Employers need to clarify their employees that their emails are being monitored only to maintain a compliant workplace and not to spy on their personal interactions.

Last but not least, you need to use the latest monitoring tools that can help you distinguish between professional and personal interactions. This will help employers not dig into their employees’ personal communications.

How Does Email Tracking Gmail Work?

Monitoring your employees’ emails is only considered legit when you do that during office hours to ensure employees are not indulging in any other activity apart from their regular office work. As soon as they return home, the monitoring will stop.

Usually, employees are aware that their online activity including emails are being tracked by their company. However, in case you want to monitor your employees’ emails without them knowing, keep in mind that you are going to risk losing your employees trust when they discover that their activity is being monitored secretly.

Fortunately, there is a safe way that lets you monitor your employees’ emails without them knowing. The advantage of monitoring their emails stealthily is that you can keep track of their activity to find out what they have been doing during office hours. This is done to check whether or not they are spending time on their routine tasks and not indulged in any other personal activity.

Mobistealth is a monitoring app that helps you track your employees’ emails secretly. This is known as the best email tracking software because it lets you track someone’s Gmail account without them knowing. With the help of Mobistealth, you can track all the sent and received emails on your employees’ devices.

The good thing about using Mobistealth for monitoring purpose is that it is not only used to monitor someone’s emails but also their text messages, phone calls, social media accounts, web browsing history, and location, etc. If you have handed a mobile phone to your employee then you can monitor their entire cell phone activity by deploying Mobistealth on their device.

 You can also view all the apps they have installed on their device as well as monitor their phone’s functionality at large. Most employers fret using a monitoring solution when it comes to keeping a track on their employees’ activity.

The truth is that Mobistealth is really easy to use. You just need to log into your online dashboard and remotely monitor your employee’s activity including their incoming and outgoing emails. This monitoring solution is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

How to Use Mobistealth to Track Emails?

Mobistealth offers two subscription plans. The difference between them is the number of features offered. Here’s how you can use Mobistealth to track your employees’ emails.

The first step requires you to create an account with Mobistealth. You will be given login credentials to access your online dashboard. In the second step, you will download and install the monitoring app on your employee’s mobile phone (in case they have an Android phone) or finish the setup process (in case they are using an iPhone).

If they are using an Android phone, then you will go ahead with the installation process. On the other hand, if they have an iPhone, then you will need their iTunes credentials to complete the setup process. Once the app has been installed on the target mobile phone, the app will start logging their incoming and outgoing emails and will transport the logged data to your online dashboard. As we have mentioned earlier, you can also monitor their other activity besides their Gmail account.

Besides logging the incoming and outgoing emails, the details such as the name of the sender, the date and time of the email sent and received, the email history, etc., can be monitored with the help of Mobistealth.

While you may have valid reasons to track your employees’ emails, it is important that you make this process legal as soon as possible. If you do not want your employees to know about the process then you can monitor their activity in complete stealth by using Mobistealth. This monitoring app is completely reliable and effective.

The only downside to using this monitoring app is that if the internet is not active or the target phone is shut done, the servers won’t be able to load the logged data to your online dashboard. Apart from that, it works effectively and helps you track your employees’ emails with ease.

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