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Here's How to Carry Out Email Tracking for Your Kids

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Have you ever wanted to read your child’s email without the fear of getting caught? You might have thought of this idea especially when you wanted to find out who your child exchanges their emails on a daily basis.

It is likely for worried parents to spy on their child’s emails and perform email tracking activity. It is a parent’s right to check on their child’s online activity. Moreover, it is their responsibility to track their children’ email account to make sure they are not communicating with strangers.

This is the reason why the majority of parents carry out email tracking activity because they want to ensure their children stay away from impending danger in the future.

Email trackers such as Mobistealth are regarded as an effective email tracking solution especially when it comes to monitoring someone’s email account. This email tracker helps parents monitor their child’s email account without them knowing. In fact, Mobistealth is considered as the best email tracker parents can use to monitor their child’s emails discreetly.

Using this email tracker, you can read all the incoming and outgoing emails on your child’s Gmail account without having to worry about hacking their password. You can sit anywhere and track emails from their Gmail account at any time without worrying about being caught.

So if you are concerned about your child’s online activity and want to make sure your child is not interacting with an unknown person on their email account, then you should definitely be using an email tracker like Mobistealth.

Email Tracking Legal or Not?

While email trackers benefit most concerned parents in a lot of ways, some of them are confused about whether or not they should even use one. The reason behind their confusion is that they do not know whether or not it is legal to use such kind of software.

Let us tell you that you can monitor your children’s email account without having to worry about it being legal or not because tracking your child’s online activity is not illegal especially if your child is a minor.

As long as it is completely legal to spy on your child’s email account then you can go ahead and install the email tracker on their device without seeking their permission. However, if you want to monitor your employee’s email account or any other person then getting their prior consent is necessary.

Why We Recommend Using Mobistealth?

We recommend parents to use Mobistealth for monitoring their child’s email activity because it offers an extensive list of monitoring features. First and foremost, Mobistealth provides you with remote access to your child’s email account.

By the help of this email tracker, you can find out all the details of the email activity taking place on your child’s device. The details such as the name of the sender, the time and date of the emails sent and received, the content of all the emails as well as the entire email history can be tracked with the help of Mobistealth.

With Mobistealth as your email tracker, you can spy on your child’s incoming and outgoing emails on their private Gmail account remotely from anywhere and at any time. You can sit at your office and remotely track your child’s email account without them knowing.

However, you need to keep in mind that this email tracking software lets you track your child’s Gmail account only on their Android devices. The Gmail tracking feature is only supported on Android devices.

Besides letting you track your child’s email account, Mobistealth also offers other advanced monitoring features like location tracking, monitoring phone calls and text messages, monitoring web browsing activity, monitoring social media accounts, surround recording, and keylogging.

How Mobistealth Helps You Track Emails?

To monitor your child’s email account, you need to first download the Mobistealth app or software from its official website. This email tracker comes in both computer software and mobile application. You can choose the platform depending on your child’s device.

You need to keep in mind that the software or app needs to be installed if your child is using an Android device. You do not have to worry about installing the software or mobile app on your child’s iOS device because Gmail tracking feature is not supported on iOS devices.  

Once you have successfully installed the mobile app of Mobistealth email tracker on your child’s device, you will sign in to your Mobistealth user account using the credentials given to you by the app developer. From your user account, you can remotely track your child’s incoming and outgoing emails from anywhere and at any time.

However, before you begin email tracking for Gmail, you need to hide the Mobistealth’s app icon from your child’s phone. You can do this by heading to the Settings of their Android phone and hiding the app’s icon from their Applications list. Once the app’s icon is hidden, it will become impossible for your child to tamper with it. The app will be undetectable on your child’s device and continue to monitor their email activity.

The app works discreetly on their device. Your child won’t be able to find out about the app unless they go to the Settings of their phone and check their Applications list. You will be immediately notified when your child receives a threatening email from a bully or an inappropriate email from a pedophile or sexual predator.

By keeping track of your child’s email account, you can save your children from impending danger in advance. Moreover, you can also stop your child from interacting with an unknown person if you keep an eye on their emails all the time.

Mobistealth email tracker is really easy to use and comes across as a user-friendly program. If you want to log all the sent and received emails on your child’s Gmail account then you can consider this email tracker. You can use the trial period for 30 days and then go for its premium version if you are satisfied with their email tracking service.

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