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How Employers Use Technology to Keep an Eye on Employees - Mobistealth

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Being a part of the corporate world entails that you would already know in what forms a company keeps a regular check on its employees. Nowadays, employers use technology in different forms to monitor their employees.

Employee monitoring is essential in today’s digital age because of several reasons. Employers want to keep their eyes on the employees at work because they want to protect their companies from potential cyberattacks.

Many cyberattacks and data breaches also take place in the company because of employee negligence, employee disparity, and fraudulent employees. To prevent companies from fraudulent employees and data breaches, companies consider installing monitoring software or another type of technology in the workplace. Remote installation cell phone spy is one of the methods employers use to monitor employees.

Let’s share an everyday example of how employers use technology to keep an eye on employees. Gina Ray worked at a reputable software house. Without notifying the employees, the company decided to install keylogger software on the company’s devices including computers. The keylogger software recorded all the characters that employees typed on the company’s computers and then periodically transported that information to the managers and supervisors.

When Gina Ray was at work, she used the company’s computer to check her social media accounts, personal email account as well as her bank account. With the help of the installed keylogger software, another employee working in the same company was able to discover her personal passwords and then used that data to check on her personal emails and bank account.

As soon as Gina learned about what had happened, she confronted her colleagues and then was fired by the company for poor performance. This is just one example that describes what happens when companies install employee monitoring software in the workplace.

Employers Using Technology to Monitor Employees

It should be clear that companies are legally allowed to use monitoring software or any other surveillance technology on company devices. When an employer monitors employees in the workplace, they are committing a legal activity.

Thanks to advanced technology, employers can now use different technologies to monitor their employees at work. They can install CCTV cameras at work, install keylogger software on the company’s computers, track the location of employees through location tracking software infused with GPS technology, monitor employee productivity, and attentiveness, gather lists of all the visited sites and apps, monitor social media activity, emails, web browsing history, etc., and collect productivity information on how employees are spending their time at work and how long they are taking to finish assigned tasks.

With more employees working remotely from home due to the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, the boundary between professional and personal tasks has slightly blurred because employees are spending a significant amount of time on the company devices, attending business video calls, and having Zoom meetings with fellow employees and supervisors even during off-hours and on weekends.

No matter your employees are working from the office or home, it’s important to keep a check on their activities to make sure they are doing the work as per the company’s policies and not breaching the contract.

Below, let us discuss how employers can use technology to keep an eye on employees and increase employee productivity and prevent data breaches in the company.

Video Surveillance

Installing CCTV cameras and using video surveillance technology is one of the common methods that companies use to monitor their employees. Employers install CCTV cameras in common areas of the office, but not in private areas such as restrooms or washrooms. With the help of video surveillance tools, you can see what your employees are doing in their cabins during office hours.

The CCTV cameras should be visible to the employees and should not be hidden from them. When employees know that their activity is being viewed by the employers through CCTV cameras, they refrain from engaging in any risky or immoral activity.

Keylogger Software

Many companies also use keylogger software to monitor employees. Keylogging is another common method that employers use to keep a check on their employees’ activities. Keylogger software is a device that helps you record all the characters and keystrokes your employees’ type on their computers and smartphones.

Once the keystrokes are recorded, the keylogger software transports the data to your device, letting you view all the recorded keystrokes and characters. This can help you know what sort of information your employee is looking for on the internet, what sites they are visiting, what emails, texts, or instant chats they are exchanging with others during working hours.

Employees that know their keystrokes are being recorded through keylogger software abstain from typing anything immoral or indecent on their computers and smartphones.

Monitoring Software

Cell phone spy software is another common and popular employee monitoring method used by employers to keep a periodic check on their employee activities. Monitoring software can be installed either in the form of computer software or mobile application, depending on what device your employee is using.

Remote installation cell phone spy works when you want to install the monitoring software on your employee’s iPhone device. In case your employee is using an Android phone, you cannot remotely install the monitoring app on it, unlike the iPhone device. To install a monitoring app on the Android phone, you need physical access to the device but for an iPhone device, no such requirement is needed. You only need iTunes credentials of the target device to remotely install the cell phone spy on it.

Monitoring software such as Mobistealth has been a game-changer in the world of monitoring and surveillance technology. This app can help you monitor your employee’s emails, instant chats, text messages, phone calls, as well as location. Further to that, you can also keep track of your employee’s web browsing activity and social media accounts by using the Mobistealth monitoring app.

Besides using the above-mentioned technological tools to monitor your employees, you can also use attention tracking tools to monitor their attentiveness. Biometric machines can be used to record their ins and outs in the company. On the other hand, geolocation tracking tools can also be used to keep track of your employee’s physical movements, especially when they go out for business meetings or field trips in the country or outside the country.

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