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According to several studies, it has been revealed that most kids become exposed to the world of pornography at the age of 11 years. On the other side, a recent study has reported that kids under the age of 10 consume 22 percent of online porn. To be precise, the majority of statistics on pornography and several studies prove that kids are becoming exposed to pornographic content at a fairly young age.

Now, when kids stumble upon pornography and adult content on the internet either by accident or by choice, it becomes a problem for them sooner or later. Many health experts have said that the effects of pornography on young kids and teens are devastating.

Not only exposure to pornography affects their mental health but also brings them many psychological and physiological problems. As kids’ exposure to the world of porn is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s digital age, only parents can step in to fix the problem. They need to scramble to keep up with the hard times to protect their kids from the dangerous and harmful effects of pornography.  

How can I spy on a cell phone of my kid to find out whether or not they are watching porn on the internet and getting addicted to it? This looming question has been worrying parents for a long time now. Let’s discuss how you can protect your kids if they are watching porn or have become addicted to porn. Also, let us learn how you can use technological tools like cell phone spy apps to monitor your kid’s internet activity.

Below, we have outlined a few expert steps that can help you deal with kids that are watching porn or have become addicted to porn.

Express That You Love Them, No Matter What

It has been reported that most kids stumble upon adult and other inappropriate content on the internet by accident in the beginning, but then, they keep coming back to view the same content for different reasons. Some kids watch porn because they think watching porn can help them in their real-life relationships. On the other hand, some kids watch porn because they believe they are not worthy of a real-life relationship and use porn as an alternative to that.

Whatever the case, when kids become addicted to porn, they tend to watch more extreme versions of porn to get the same pleasure as they might get with other types of addictions including drugs and alcohol. If you know that your kid has developed a porn addiction, instead of making them feel embarrassed or ashamed about it, you need to repeatedly remind them that you will love them no matter what they do.

You must remind them over and over again that nothing they will do, including watching porn, changes the fact that you love them. This is the first step in winning their confidence and making them believe you’re still out there for them.

Tell Your Kid That they’re a Victim

While we do understand that kids become exposed to the world of pornography by accident and continued viewing of pornography is a bad choice on their part. However, you must also make your kids understand that they are not solely responsible for making that bad choice. There are others to blame for this.

You need to explain to your kids that they are a victim because they are not responsible for putting out inappropriate content on the internet for others to watch. The people involved in creating and spreading pornographic content online reach out to vulnerable and innocent kids and turn them into victims. Therefore, never blame your kids for watching porn in the first place. Always tell your kids that someone else is responsible for putting them in this problem.

Appreciate Your Kid for Being Honest

It is true that not all people addicted to pornography admit that they are suffering from a problem. There are many people who will prefer lying about porn habits rather than admitting the truth, especially kids when they are confronted by their parents.

When confronting your kid about watching porn, if you find them being honest with you about it and telling you the entire truth then you should appreciate them for honesty. You should applaud your kid for being honest because they came out with the truth and defied all the odds. When your kid admits to a problem and accepts your support, it means your kid has taken the first step towards healing.

Set Ground Rules for Kids

Another important step to protect your kids from the dangers of porn is that you must set some ground rules in your home that also include limiting their access to technology and the internet. If you suspect your kid has become addicted to porn or you catch them watching porn, then you need to set some ground rules for home life in place.

For example, you can set a house rule that does not allow your kids to use their laptops, computers, and even smartphones in their bedrooms or washrooms. You can also ask them to use technology only in common areas of the house so you can also keep your eyes on their screens as they use the internet.

By setting these ground rules in place, you can protect your kids from the potential dangers of porn and let them have a safe experience on the internet.

Use Monitoring Software  

Using monitoring or parental control software is another major step that you can take to protect your kids from the dangerous and harmful world of pornography. Monitoring software can be installed on your kid’s smartphone or computer to view and monitor all the activity that takes place on their device.

By deploying a mobile phone spy on your kid’s smartphone, you can know whether or not they are watching porn. For instance, Mobistealth is such monitoring software that lets you know what sites your kid is browsing on the internet browser and what apps they are using on their phone.

Encourage Open Communication with Your Kid

Last but not least, you should have open and honest conversations with your kid. These open conversations will help protect your kid from getting further exposure to porn. When you give your kid the space to open up with you and become comfortable around you, you will be in a better place to offer them the support that they need from you.

Additionally, open and honest communication with your kid would serve as a wonderful opportunity get along with them and know what’s happening in their life. It will also give you the chance to develop the habit of praying with them. As porn addiction can affect your kid’s mental, spiritual, and emotional health, praying can become an important part of their healing process.

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