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Keeping Tabs on Your Kid's Phone Calls is a Good Idea: Here's Why

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Have you ever caught your kid talking to someone on their phone in the middle of the night? Did you try to eavesdrop on their phone conversation but to no avail? If you want to keep tabs on their phone calls then you must get your hands on a mobile call tracker app soon.

One of the reasons parents hand over smartphones to kids is to be in touch with them all the time. When kids have smartphones with them all the time, parents can reach out to them whenever they want. Cellular technology has helped parents stay relaxed because they can always keep in touch with their kids, no matter how near or far they are.

In this post, we will understand how the internet and social media can pose threats to kids and how parents can protect them with the help of a cell phone monitoring app.

Internet and Social Media: Dangers for Teens

Cell phones have definitely helped parents track their kids in no time but they have also exposed kids to several dangers out there. Spending too much time on smartphones can enable kids to come across dangerous situations, especially on social media platforms.

Kids meet all sorts of people on the internet and become friends with them in no time. Sometimes they can even be lured by strangers and be trapped in a fake relationship without knowing the truth about them. These strangers can demand kids to share their phone numbers and other personal details so they can meet them in real life.

Kids, especially those who are extremely gullible, are easily fooled by the cunning strangers they meet on the internet and share all their personal information with them, including their mobile numbers. This is what gives an edge to these strangers because they can easily take advantage of kids’ innocent nature.

They can demand kids to send them inappropriate photos and videos featuring sexually explicit content and then blackmail them and their families after extracting the photos and videos from them. Sometimes, they can even go to the extent of selling the content to the dark web for a good price.

What’s worse, these strangers can make kids trust them so much so that they can arrange a meetup somewhere outside where parents cannot reach easily. During the meeting, the strangers can take advantage of kids by physically abusing them or asking them to perform sexual acts with them.

If you do not want your kids to fall prey to these vicious strangers then you better keep a check on their online chats and phone calls. You must know who your kids are in touch with and what sort of conversations they are having with them.

Eavesdropping their phone calls won’t solve the problem. Similarly, taking away smartphones from them is also not the solution. If you want to keep your kids protected from online stalkers and predators without causing them any offense, then you must monitor their phone activity with the help of a monitoring app that acts as a text and call tracker.

Track Phone Calls with Mobile Call Tracker

Earlier we mentioned that a cell phone monitoring app can help parents keep tabs on their kid’s phone calls. Not only that, but a monitoring app can also let parents monitor their kid’s text messages, instant chats, emails, web browsing history, social media activity, location, etc.

When it comes to keeping tabs on your kid’s phone calls, you can rely on Mobistealth which is the most effective mobile call tracker app in the market today. This monitoring app records both incoming and outgoing phone calls on your kid’s smartphone. Along with that, it also keeps a record of the phone numbers as well as the names of the recipients who frequently remain in touch with your kid.

All you need to do is grab your kid’s smartphone and install the Mobistealth monitoring app on their device. Physical installation is required in case your kid is using an Android phone. However, if your kid is using an iPhone device, then you need to use the iBackup method offered by Mobistealth. You can find more details on the Mobistealth official website and learn how it works on both Android and iPhone devices. 

Once the app is successfully deployed on your kid’s smartphone, it will start recording each activity taking place on their device and at the same time, it will transport the recorded data to your online user dashboard. The dashboard will allow you to monitor your kid’s phone calls remotely. You can be anywhere, whether at work, home, or a superstore even, and still can keep tabs on your kid’s smartphone activity.

With Mobistealth and several monitoring apps available out there, you do not have to worry about your kid’s safety on the internet. The only way to protect your kids from online risks is to keep a check on their phone activities and see what they have been doing. You can either choose to tell your kids about the monitoring app or hide it from them. The app, once installed on your kid's phone, becomes hidden only if you let it be. That way your kids won't be able to find out about the app and won't tamper with it. 

However, some parents believe kids should be informed about the monitoring app before installing it on their phones. They think having open and honest communication with kids is quite important. Parents can educate them about online dangers that kids come across while using the internet and also tell them how to tackle those dangers in case they are not monitoring their activity with a monitoring app. 


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