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Tab Your Employees' Calls with This Phone Call Tracker Software

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If you’re an employer, you already know the importance of employee monitoring. Being the boss of the company, you have every right to track your employee’s activity during working hours. You can monitor their phone calls, text messages, web browsing history, as well as whereabouts.

The companies are even keeping tabs on their remote employees. There is no way employees can think they can do whatever they want without the boss knowing anything about it. With several monitoring tools available in the market, keeping track of employees’ movements is at the fingertips of most employers now.

The first and foremost thing you can do as an employer is to keep tabs on your employees’ phone calls. If they are using a company-owned mobile phone, you can easily deploy phone call tracker software on it and track all their incoming and outgoing phone calls.

Why Employee Monitoring is Important

Data breaches mostly occur in companies, be it big or small. Employees happen to be one of the main reasons behind most data breaches. Sometimes you have rotten and corrupt employees working in your company and you wouldn’t know.

They can quietly collect your company’s confidential data and share it with your competitors or third-parties without you knowing. These dishonest employees sell the company’s sensitive data to others for financial gain.

It is not possible to detect fraudulent and corrupt employees working in a company because an employer cannot keep an eye on everyone. For such purposes, monitoring solutions have been designed.

With the help of monitoring tools and GPS location trackers, you can keep track of your employee’s activity during office hours which includes their text messages, emails, phone calls, web browsing history, as well as whereabouts.

Track Calls with Phone Call Tracker Software

By monitoring your employees’ phone calls, you can get to know a lot more about them. You can learn who they communicate with during office hours. Some employees may not cheat your company and sell the company’s data to someone else but they can be lazy and inefficient.

Instead of paying attention to their job or completing their project, they can spend hours and hours chatting and talking to their family members and friends over phone calls. To find out whether or not your employees are focused on their job and not distracted by personal phone calls, you need to deploy phone call tracker software on their mobile device.

Installing a phone call tracker app on your employee’s mobile phone becomes easier if you have handed them a company-owned device. Before handing them the device, you can install the call tracker app on it and give it to them.

All the incoming and outgoing phone calls will be timely recorded and transported to your online user account from where you can remotely track them. Besides seeing the record of phone calls, you can also check details such as the name of the caller, their phone number, call duration as well as the date and time of the communication.

No matter who your employee is talking to and what sort of information they are exchanging with them, you can get details of everything you want by using the phone call tracker app.

Choosing the Best Call Tracker App

With numerous phone call tracking and monitoring apps out there, it can become a bit challenging for you to decide about one. Almost all of them look authentic as they claim to perform the job effectively. Some tracker apps even allow you to use their free trial versions before purchasing the premium packages.

One such example of a reliable phone call tracker software is Mobistealth. This phone call tracking app allows you to record all the sent and received phone calls on your employee’s mobile phone. You can keep tabs on their phone calls and find out who they have been interacting with during office hours and for what purpose.

In case you feel they are breaching the company’s data and sharing it with your competitor, you can call them in and hand them their resignation letter. This is the only way to deal with dishonest and ineffective employees and there should be no place for them in your company.

With Mobistealth, you can track their phone calls as well as all the other activities that they carry out on their devices. If your employee is always on the run for business meetings and trips, you can also monitor their whereabouts remotely.

You can track their locations to see if they are actually at the same place where they were supposed to be. This way you can send them on business trips without having to worry about them going somewhere else.

Most companies inform their employees about monitoring. They already know that a monitoring app has been installed on their devices, recording all their activities. This helps them stay away from all those things that can go against them.

The employees cannot even complain about their activity being monitored by the management during office hours. They do not have any privacy at work because employers have the legal right to monitor their phone calls, text messages, emails, and web browsing activity that takes place on a company-owned device or work network.

To make things clearer, it is recommended that you communicate to your employees that you will be monitoring their activity during working hours. Keeping employees in the dark may be wrong because they ought to know that everything they do at work will be monitored by the company.

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