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Call Tracker Free: Track Your Kids' Phone Calls Today

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Parents keeping tabs on their kids’ phone calls have remained a debate for a long time now. Some think monitoring kids’ phone activities including phone calls is important for their safety while others believe it can be detrimental for the parent-kid relationship as it violates the trust between both parties.

The views about monitoring kids’ phone activities are not only confined to parents. Kids also have their opinions on it. Some kids think monitoring might actually help them stay away from online dangers and stalkers whereas some are totally against this idea.

No matter whatever parents or kids believe, in our opinion, it is okay for parents to track their kids’ activities, whether online or offline, as long as they are not violating the trust and invading their online privacy. They can use monitoring apps and call tracker free apps to find out what their kids have been up to online and who are they in touch with.

Tracking Kids for Safety

The New York Times posed a question for teen students and asked them to share their thoughts about parental surveillance. They were invited to exchange their views about parental monitoring. Some of them were against the idea and thought it was wrong on the part of parents to monitor their every activity.

However, some sided with the idea of parental monitoring by saying that it’s completely fine if parents want to track their kids’ movements. Gabe Axelrod, J.R. Masterman, a teen student, said that parents should track their kids but they shouldn’t check the monitoring apps to see what their kid is up to on the internet.

He stressed the importance of building trust in the relationship. Kids should trust their parents enough to be able to tell them what is going on in their life and who are they talking to on social media. On the other hand, parents need to trust their kids enough to not try to monitor and control their every activity.

When parents explain to their kids that they are monitoring their activity for their safety, kids will be more likely to understand. However, if monitoring is done discreetly, kids wouldn’t like it and they’d start thinking their parents don’t trust them enough and that they are violating the trust.

Therefore, if a parent wants to track their kids’ phone calls or location, it is better to take your kid into confidence and explain to them why you feel the need to monitor their activity.

Call Tracker Free: Monitoring Phone Calls

Ever since most parts of the world moved into lockdown due to COVID19, there was a sudden increase in internet activity. Both adults and kids are now seen spending more time before their screens. The police department in Vancouver has also warned parents to keep a close eye on their kids’ online activities, as reported by CTV News.

With schools closed, most of the institutions have now switched to online classes, allowing kids to spend more time on the internet. In fact, they are using the internet unsupervised as their parents try to work from home.

The police have issued a warning to the parents to be careful of who their kids interact with online. Parents were asked to keep a close eye on their kids’ social media apps, especially Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram because these are the platforms where predators can easily attack kids.

Monitoring phone calls with the help of a call tracker app has also been declared mandatory because you do not want your kids to be interacting with predators or strangers. Keeping kids away from pedophiles, cyberbullies, and stalkers will help them get a safe online environment.

Therefore, you need to be wary of all the social media apps their kids are using and monitor each one of them to ensure your kids are not surrounded by any potential online danger. Because of an increase in online classes, video conference app Zoom is being used extensively.

There have been reports of the Zoom calls getting hijacked, especially during online classes. In one of the instances, the hijacker took over a Zoom online class and shouted profanities, shared hateful and sexually explicit photos, and used threatening language.

Tips to Keep Kids Safe Online

You have the option of installing a monitoring app on your kid’s phone but along with that, you should also follow some tips to keep your kids safe on the internet. First and foremost, you should monitor your kids’ incoming and outgoing phone calls text messages. If for some reason, the monitoring app does not work, you need to monitor manually.  

Secondly, you should know all your kids’ login credentials, especially for their email and social media accounts. Beware of the online gaming platforms your kids’ visit because that’s where most cyberbullying incidents occur. Last but not least, monitor your kid’s entire web browsing activity and track their location with the help of an effective monitoring app like Mobistealth.

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