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Introduction to Call Tracking: How Does Call Monitoring Help You?

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Call monitoring means knowing what the other person is talking about and with whom are they talking. Not to invade privacy, but call tracking and monitoring are necessary when it comes to knowing what your kids are up to when they are of the age of making mistakes and when you are a supervisor who should know what their employees are doing when they are kept in charge of an important project. Knowing that you are being monitoring helps you stick to the work and not to wander off.

Certainly, most of the employees still do the best they have got even when they are not being monitored. It is all about motivation, passion, and loyalty. But there have been cases in every company where employees have taken advantage of easy-going managers and have not performed their duties properly. The same goes for the parents who are too confident about their kids but the same kids can surprise them with big mistakes.

Who Can Benefit from A Phone Call Tracker?

Where it is beneficial for anyone who wants to keep an eye on someone for any purpose, a phone call tacker is best for the managers, supervisors, or external consultants who want to listen to what communications are the employers having with the customers. Same way, with teens and tweens, it is hard to tell when they get off the track. With the changing world and age, they are prone to many things, and commonly those dangerous things are related to the use of smartphones. So, the parents should keep an eye on their kids.


Specifically, here is a list of places and people where a call monitoring app can do wonders:

Sales and Marketing Manager

While sales and marketing are all about pursuing the correct conversation between the client and the salesperson, making sure they are throwing the right pitch is very important. You cannot just leave your employees to work as per their will after giving them the training. It is required to listen to their calls properly to know if they are doing it right. Also, by using the call monitoring app, you can give proper feedback to your employees about their performance and where they should work on their skills. The tracking and monitoring can also help you evaluate their performance and decide on their promotions.

Top-tier Management

In large companies, it is hard to keep an eye on every department all at once. It is highly unlikely that the employers have all the information on the daily operations, so they highly depend on mid-level management to keep them informed about all the information. However, from time to time, they may receive news about something going on in the departments but unfortunately, they can’t make an informed decision with such news only. They need to know more. So, they can use call monitoring to know about what is going on in these departments and how the sales are going. This can help them make final decisions.

Call Centers

In the call centers, the basic work is about the calls. There are a lot of trainees who have just started to learn the process. Here, the agents interact with the client on the phone trying to make a sale of the product. This interaction matters a lot as it accounts for the image of the company in front of the client. It is, however, very much necessary that the management gets to know what their trainees and experts are doing over the phone. Either they are making the sales or drifting the clients away from the company. Furthermore, it can help in the improvement of the agents as listening to their calls with the help of call monitoring can help in knowing their flaws and strengths. Call monitoring can help a lot in improving the overall performance of the company.


Tweens and teens are on the verge of making a lot of mistakes. Especially when they are handed over mobile phones, they are prone to many things. They make new friends, get to know strangers, and can fall into the traps easily. What can parents do apart from guiding them well or teaching them the right things? Sometimes, the advice doesn’t work and most of the time, things have already gotten very bad. In any case, it is a must for the parents to know what is going on with the kids. If they don’t keep an eye, they might end up watching their kids fall into the traps. Especially through calls, dangers like cyberbullying, predating, fake relationships, and a lot more are bound to happen. So, it is best to use call monitoring to keep an eye on the kids to make sure they are on the right track and are not making grave mistakes. Call tracking can help a lot in many issues that can be dealt with in meantime. Because, when it is too late, nothing can be done.

The Best Call Tracker for You

If you are a supervisor, a manager, a call center trainer, or a parent, you are likely to accept that there is a need for the best call tracker to deal with the issues you are having. Not to take sudden actions, it is best to know things beforehand. Call monitoring gives you the option to know things in detail before taking any action. The more you know, the better action you can take.

Mobistealth is one of the best call trackers that give you all the features that you require to keep an eye on the people who you are in charge of. Moreover, it is the best tool for modern parenting and it includes a lot more than just call tracking. Have this call tracking app and you will feel like you have taken care of anything.

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