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Should You Be Worried About Spyware?


If you own a smart phone the likelihood is that at some point you have wondered about the odds of there being a spyware on your device. The bad news is that anyone, literally anyone, can become a victim of spyware. And there is no good news in this story.

The Three-Headed Monster

If you have heard of different mythical creatures you might be able to link some of them back to spyware. The fact is, any of us could be a potential target when it comes to spyware, the simple reason being that it isn’t found in one form. Some spyware is created by hackers to infiltrate and steal your data – nothing personal, just your everyday average cyber criminal trying to each a living. Other forms find their way onto our phones because of adware which is trying to grab as much data as possible to ensure that we can spend money on things that we don’t need but do love. And the last kind is actually not really spyware, it’s more stuff that people install on your device on purpose to keep an eye on you.

The Platform Debate

Depending on what phone you use the likelihood of there being spyware on your device goes up and can go down. For instance, it isn’t particularly easy to spy on BlackBerry phones but it is a piece of cake if you’re using an Android. Most recently even the iPhone folk are worried sick over their device becoming compromised with one breach after the other battering the Apple infrastructure. If you want to stay safe opting for a platform that offers more protection is one way of doing it.

How To Avoid Trouble

This part is interesting because there is no 100% solution to the spyware problem. The one thing you should keep in mind is that prevention is better than cure so if you can manage to keep such stuff off of your device in the first place you’re going to be in a pretty decent position. For instance, spyware generally can’t hide in your phone if it isn’t rooted or jailbroken, so avoid doing that at all costs. Don’t trust third party apps and avoid them like the plague if anything. Also ensure that you don’t click on any phishing scam type links in your emails and texts while you’re at it.

But if you somehow get infected then there are some things you can do. For starters, do keep some security apps on your phone. There’s a plethora available for both Android and iPhone, and unfortunately no such thing exists for Windows phone owners. Always make sure that you have a backup of your important files, so in case you are infected and have no other means of getting rid of the spyware you can simply reset your phone and start over. Also make sure that sensitive data is never fed into your phone unless it’s encrypted, that way even if something breaks in it won’t be able to steal much.