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Watch Out: Your Favorite Android Game May Contain Trojan


Playing Android games is fun, but this harmless hobby of yours can cause you serious trouble. Android security has found itself challenged yet again. This time, a new wave of Trojan has crept into Google Play store, and if you have recklessly downloaded games from there recently, then possibly your smartphone as well. This time malicious coders have played with the weakness of many Android users, i.e. gaming. If you are a fan of Android games and religiously try out every new game that appears on Google Play, then you may be in for a very disturbing reality check.

Welcome to the Reality

Many Android users trust Google Play blindly, but it appears to have reciprocated the trust by approving not one or two, but a total of 60 games submitted by 30 different developers that are suspected of containing Trojan in them. The disturbing security situation on the official app store was unearthed by the research team at Dr. Web. Even more alarming is the fact that most of these games have already been downloaded tens of thousands of times.

What’s New This Time?

If you are a tech geek or have a bit of interest in malware, then you may already be aware of the fact that most developers of malware encrypt the code to hide the malware, this giving rise to suspicions. This time, malicious coders have come up with a rather smarter way of exploiting Android users using steganography. Stop trying to pronounce this word and start focusing as we are now going to share extremely important information about this malware. Starting with the basics, this technique is used to hide the malware or virus in the images. Security analytics usually do not check images, which give hackers an open door to enter official app stores and eventually into our devices.

Watch Out!

Do not underestimate this Trojan as from what we know, it collects information about your location, MAC address, mobile operator, IMEI and IMSI identifier, and much more.

If any of the games downloaded on your Android is showing any of the following signs, then chances are that you are already a victim of this massive cyber-attack.

  • Displays too many advertisements repeatedly
  • Prompts you to install various other apps
  • Automatically downloads apps without your permission
  • Deletes apps

Remember These Names

Whether you are a regular gamer, or just play games once in a while, what you need to do is remember a few names. BILLAPPS, Fun Color Games and Conexagon are the three names that have been identified by the Dr. Web’s team. The team is of the view that these three along with other developers are adding malware in their games, so you are strongly advised against downloading games developed by them.

Google is Silent

What’s surprising is the behavior of Google. According to a detailed article published on Dr. Web, the Russian anti-malware company brought this into the notice of Google before breaking this news, but the tech giant did not take any step. Maybe, it is working on the issue silently and will come up with a solution in the coming days of weeks. In the meantime, just be careful while downloading games from Google Play.