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New trend involves workers “bringing their own device” to work


Individuals bringing their own devices to work has become a growing trend, especially as a result of the popularity of portable tablets, according to The Globe and Mail.

The handheld computers have prompted a number of employees to bring their own to work, log onto the company network and conduct their daily activities. It allows for flexibility along with a better tool to talk to clients for specific jobs.

Tonie Chaltas works for a public relations company in Canada, and she brings her tablet everywhere she goes, including into the office.

“Our business is about our people,” Chaltas told the news outlet. “If we can’t offer an environment that is not only leading-edge from technology but offers them flexibility in how they do their work, we’re not attracting and keeping the best and the brightest.”

Employers have become more comfortable with mobile devices in recent years, and they have to continue to expand their knowledge. Stephen Midgley, the vice president of global marketing at Absolute Software, advises employers to accept this idea so they are better prepared and are also protecting their employees from potential security problems.

“Manage and secure mobile devices like you manage your PCs. BYOD [bring your own device] is a phenomenon that’s happening and it’s not going to stop,” Midgley told the news source. “You need to embrace it and deal with it, because it’s better to know what you have in your deployment than ignore it and face potential risks.”

One of biggest concerns for employers when they consider allowing their workers to work through their own devices is the rise of personal time taken during work. For instance, many fear the employee will spend more time on social media sites than on their actual work.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, 43 percent of businesses block these sites from the company-owned computers and handheld devices. There are additional ways to do this as well. Many companies nip this in the bud by investing in computer monitoring software, which can track what employees are doing on the company’s network.

Company policies vary, but it is important for employers and employees alike to establish ground rules for personal use on the various tablets, computers and cell phones.