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Top Employee Monitoring Software of 2015


Monitoring software have become a norm in the modern day and employers all over the world are beginning to rely on them to keep tabs on their employees’ workplace activities. Now that their demand has increased, a large number of developers have started to work on creating and improvement monitoring tools. The market is now overrun with monitoring software, overwhelming employees with the amount of options available. If you’re one of those employees, you’ve come to the right place for help. To save you the trouble of doing hectic research, we have compiled a list of best PC monitoring software available in the market.

SniperSpy 8

SniperSpy 8 is a brilliant software for your monitoring needs. It enables you to monitor keystrokes and take screenshots whenever you want. Moreover, you will be able to monitor almost all the activity being done on your employees’ computer. If you are monitoring someone and you don’t like whatever they’re doing, you can shut down their PC remotely. The only significant downside to this tool is that it doesn’t allow you to monitor emails. Apart from that, it’s a pretty solid solution for your monitoring needs.


Keystroke logging is also present in this tool, but it doesn’t just stop here as it provides you with a bunch of other options as well. With the help of Mobistealth, you can also take screenshots of your employees’ computer, monitor their Skype Yahoo chats, check their browsing history, and it enables logging for Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail accounts. If you want an elaborate monitoring tool, then Mobistealth comes highly recommended.

Revealer Keylogger

When opened for the first time, this software asks you to put a password so that only you can gain access to it. You can manually enable keylogging or you can schedule one. Scheduling will automatically start recording keystrokes on the given time, which is a huge help because you as an employer have a lot of work to do, so you can’t be switching the keylogger on and off on your PC all the time. This is one of the biggest features of Revealer Keylogger and is one of main reasons behind its success.

Spy Agent 8.1

Spy Agent 8.1 is one of the best monitoring solutions available at the moment and will surely deliver satisfaction. It can record keystrokes and transmit all the information back to you remotely. Furthermore, you can get email alerts as well as keyword alerts. Another great feature of this tool is that it enables you to monitor one specific user. So if you are not looking to install monitoring software for the whole company and just want to keep an eye on certain individuals, then you can do so without any problem.


WebWatcher has garnered a huge fan-base and for the right reasons. It’s a great monitoring solution that enables you to monitor almost each and every activity of your employees. You can see the keystrokes, block certain programs, schedule screenshots time, view LinkedIn activity, keep tabs on Facebook activity, and much more. If you believe that your employees waste too much of their time on social media, then getting this app is a no-brainer.