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Top 5 iPhone Monitoring Apps of 2015


The rate of cybercrimes is increasing day by day. Unfortunately, kids easily fall prey to them mostly because of their own carelessness. Keeping this is mind, we thought of exploring the possible digital solutions for minimizing the online risks. After evaluating the features and reading the customer reviews of different iPhone monitoring apps, we have managed to create a list of best iPhone monitoring apps of 2015 in terms of their ease of use, functionality and effectiveness. You may select the one that best suits your needs.


This app has managed to retain its place as one of the best iPhone monitoring apps in the year 2015. It not only monitors online activities, but also blocks the websites deemed inappropriate. It monitors and blocks almost all the popular apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, iTunes, Instagram, Spotify, iTunes, etc. It also tracks device location and can activate the panic button during emergency situations, allowing your kid to call you for help.


When it comes to ensuring the online safety of kids, Mobistealth has got it all covered. It not only monitors the online activities of kids 24/7, but also keeps you updated about their exact location with maximum accuracy. Unlike most of the other apps, it has a version that works without requiring you to jailbreak your device. This means that you can monitor your kids’ iPhone without voiding its warranty. In addition to monitoring chats of various popular social media apps, it also saves SMS and MMS sent and received on the targeted device. You can also get access to emails logs, call details, web browsing history, and media files (pictures and videos) through this app.

Net Nanny

If you are worried about the online safety of your kids, then this digital nanny is ready to serve you right away. It keeps your kids safe from cyberbullies, online predators, and harmful content. It is basically an internet filtering, monitoring, and blocking app that makes sure every website is scanned and filtered before it reaches your kid’s device. It has taken digital safety to a whole new level by offering three safety settings, namely safe searches, profanity masking, and web filtering.


It offers basic monitoring and blocking features, giving parents the peace of mind that their kids are protected online. With WebWatcher on your kids’ device, you can easily check their browsing history, view photos taken, read instant messaging conversations, access call history and message logs, and get access to their contacts and calendars. It also displays the list of installed app to help you ensure your kids are not using inappropriate apps.


The list of top 5 iPhone monitoring apps is incomplete without PhoneSheriff. It has taken digital parenting to a whole new level as it not only keeps the record of SMS and call logs, but also filter apps. Other notable features include keeping logs of emails, monitoring web browsing history, keeping record of photos, and sending alerts and notifications. In addition, it also tracks device location using GPS. It is the kind of app that you would definitely want to install on the iPhones of all your kids.