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Top 5 Cell Phone Tracker Apps for iPhone


Forgetting a phone at someplace is nothing new. No one does it intentionally, but it happens. When you lose your phone at home, you look for it without really worrying because you know you are going to find it eventually. However, when you forget your phone at a place outside your house, that is when the real worry starts. The phone is not the only thing that is at a risk of being stolen, your personal information and therefore privacy and security is equally at risk. Fortunately, there are a number of location tracking apps that will sniff out your smartphone in an instant. We have outlined five of the best apps in this category.

Find my iPhone

First on the list is of course the official location tracking app of Apple. Find my iPhone registers the device and then keep tabs on it all the time. So even if you lose your phone at some place, you will be able to track it down easily. Same is the case in theft scenarios. You will always know the location of your iPhone, hence making it easy for you and the police to track down the culprit almost immediately.


Mobistealth is another brilliant app for location tracking. The best part of this app is that it doesn’t rely only on GPS as it also allows you to keep tabs on your iPhone through Wi-Fi and radio tower signals. This option alone makes

Mobistealth better than most of the other tracking apps available, as a large number of them only track the device’s locations through GPS only. It even works on non-jailbroken iOS devices, which is definitely a huge plus. Along with location tracking, Mobistealth also offers SMS tracking, call logging, instant messaging monitoring, and much more.


Spyera is a great app for the people who are running a business. This app allows you to track people on the map without any interruptions. So the companies which have to send their employees out of premises on regular basis, they can just install this app on to their employees’ smartphones. This will allow you to keep an eye on them all the time. This will also increase your business’s performance because the employees will know they are being watched and therefore avoid procrastination and distractions.


mSpy has been amongst the top tracking apps for quite some time and it takes a lot of effort to stay near the top for that long. The app boasts some amazing features and among them is the location tracking feature. It works amazingly well and will let you track your iPhone in an instant. Parents can install this app on their kids’ phones, and then they will be able to keep an eye on them with ease.


This is another great app for your location tracking needs. It will give you the location of your phone instantly. It is quite helpful for all types of people. Parents can use it to monitor their kids, employers can monitor their employees, and travelers can install it on their phone so that their family members are always aware of their location.