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Top 5 Android Monitoring Apps of 2015


Decrease in employee productivity, data theft, stealing of trade secrets, lawsuits, increase in company expenses, and misuse of company resources are among the few problems commonly faced by employers in this digital age. Luckily, you can minimize, if not remove, all these problems by using employee monitoring apps. A large number of employers have noticed a significant increase in their company’s profits by using these apps. Why don’t you give them a try? We have created a list of top 5 Android monitoring apps for employees that make it easier and simple to monitor employees even if they are huge in number and are deployed away from the office.


This app has received quite a lot of positive reviews, not only from employers, but also from market experts, mainly because of the advanced features it offers. It monitors application list, various instant messaging apps, photo and video logs, call history, SMS sent and received, browsing history, bookmarks, contact details, and much more. With Mobistealth on your company-owned device, there is no need to worry about your employees’ whereabouts as it tracks location even in the absence of GPS. It works perfectly even if the device is not being rooted.


This nifty app offers advanced monitoring features at a reasonable price. It makes sure your trade secrets are safe by keeping a closer eye on the digital behavior of all the employees. It also allows you to restrict the internet if needed. If you are running a delivery or transportation business, then PhoneSheriff is a good option for you as it tracks device location using its GPS.


If you are worried about the decrease in your employees’ performance and an increase in company’s resources, then you should consider giving StealthMate a shot as it is one of the post popular monitoring apps frequently used by businessmen for making sure that their employees do not abuse their phone and internet privileges. It logs call details, saves contact list, monitors browsing history, keeps the record of SMS, saves contact details, tracks location using GPS, and much more.


It lets you monitor, manage and filter internet activities of all your employees to make sure they do not waste their time online. Qustodio offers app control, saves browsing history, keeps logs of SMS and contacts, and can track device location. It is easy to install and simple to use, which are two of the many reasons behind its popularity. It can protect up to 10 devices, though the pricing plan varies with each package. It also schedules internet usage, making it easier for you to limit the amount of time your employees spend online.


WebWatcher is also a good option when it comes to monitoring employees. It provides you access to text messages and photos present on the target device. Just like Mobistealth, it does not require you to root your Android. You can also check the call history of your employees by using this nifty app. WebWatcher also keeps record of the websites visited by your employees, along with the time of visit. It is also difficult to tamper with.