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Top 3 Signs Your Employee is Lying about His Location


If you are running a courier, delivery, supply chain, or any other similar business that require your employees to work in the field, then you are pretty aware of the fact that it is the timing that matters a lot. Delay in product delivery affects your reputation and it also breaks the trust of customers, who prefer consulting your competitors for getting the same services in the future and. You surely don’t want this to happen. You can’t really blame your employees for poor performance unless you get any proof that they are not doing their job honestly. Cell phone trackers can help you in this regard, but if you are not ready to make such an investment, then these 3 signs may help give you the final push to go for it.

Employee Takes More Time than Required

If your employee regularly takes too long to get to the clients, then it is a hint that he is not being entirely honest with you. Sometimes, employees visit a nearby restaurant to have coffee or even go at their home for lunch when they are expected to deliver the product at a certain location or meet a certain client. This not only costs you money in the form of lost customers, but also on the extra fuel consumed. If such behavior goes unnoticed and spreads, then the company’s operations and profits will be hit. Therefore, stop calling employees and asking them about their location again and again. Instead, start using a cell phone tracking app to get the peace of mind you deserve.

Customer Complaints are Increasing

The quality of customer delivery service can tell you whether the employee lies about his location or not. If you are continuously receiving complaints from the customers regarding a delay in the delivery of products, then the chances are there is something wrong. Unfortunately, you cannot take any action against the employee for wasting time during working hours without any proof. This is why it is strongly suggested that you install a cell phone tracker on his smartphone. It will keep you updated with his whereabouts.

Employee Fails to Fulfill His Job Tasks

Evaluating the performance of employees is also a good way to know whether he performs his duties during working hours, or if he secretly engages non-work-related activities. If an employee fails to complete the tasks assigned to him, then he might be lying about his location. For instance, if any of your employees says that he is on the way to deliver the product for last 40 minutes when all it take is 25 minutes to reach the destination, then there is a high probability that he is having a coffee somewhere or just spending time with a friend. Cell phone tracker can definitely discourage your employees from trying to deceive you.


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