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Tips to foil cell phone hackers, thieves


The majority of avid email-users are familiar with scam emails. Usually the email asks for credit card or other personal information. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for identity theft, and some criminals are now using cell phones instead of email to obtain information, according to the news channel KXII-TV.

Individuals may want to be aware of what these hackers are doing, and how they are getting access to personal information.

“They’re tricking you by saying, ‘please respond quickly or your credit card will be disabled,'” Bill Edgette, Executive Director of IT at Austin College, told the news source. “Its the same sort of technique as an e-mail phishing scam – they want you to provide it to them by typing in your password, credit card info or saying it on the phone.”

One way to avoid these texts is to simply ignore them and. if using a smart phone, do not open any links. If the text is discussing a person’s credit card, it is always safe to call the credit card company to ensure that the message is from them.

There are a few tips that people can consider when it comes to keeping their phone safe and away from hackers and thieves. According to Computer How to Guide, it doesn’t take a really tech-savvy individual to hack into another person’s cell phone and steal private information. Cell phone users need to watch what they download, safeguard their passwords and purchase anti-theft software to keep the phone as safe as possible

All this work doesn’t mean much if the cell phone gets stolen. Cell phones are stolen on a daily basis, and though many individuals do their best to keep their phones safe and with them, even the smartest can become victims. However, there are ways that a person can locate their phone, even after it is taken away. It is possible to track a stolen phone using cell phone tracking software. In every cell phone, there is a GPS system that can offer real-life coordinates.

This may even be helpful in more serious situations. According the New Baltimore-Chesterfield Patch, the Chesterfield Township police were able to locate a stolen vehicle by tracking the victim’s cell phone, which led to the arrest of the alleged thief.