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Some Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe from Cyberbullying


Bullying was restricted to certain places before. For children, it usually happened at school and as soon as the kids left the premises, they felt safe. However, that is not the case anymore as cyberbullying has run rampant all across the globe. Children are being targeted at schools, at home, and on social media. There is just no escaping it. Some victims of cyberbullying are not able to bear the burden and end up committing suicides. The issue is pretty serious and if parents don’t take any precaution to guard their kids, then they are a part of the problem. There are more than one ways to deal with cyberbullying which we have outlined them below.

Monitoring Solutions

The best and the easiest way to learn about cyberbullying and keep your kids safe from it is by utilizing monitoring solutions. These tools are available easily and enable you to keep an eye on your kids’ digital activity at all times. For example, if they are receiving threatening or insulting messages on regular basis, and are unable to deal with them in the right manner, then you will know about it and will be able to stop it before it can do any serious damage. If you jump in at the beginning, then your kids will feel safe and won’t worry about a thing. So, get yourself a monitoring tool to make life easier for your children and for yourself.

Create a Friendly/Open Environment at Home

If the environment at home is strict, then kids will not share anything with anyone and that’s the worst possible thing that could happen. You have to create an environment that’s friendly so that children are open about sharing their stories – even the embarrassing ones. Once they start to feel comfortable, they will open up about everything including cyberbullying. If they are indeed being threatened by someone, they will tell you about it and ask for your support. You will then have to step in and make it your mission to stop your kid from getting cyberbullied. If someone at school is responsible for this act, then you should report them to the principal or their parents. Soon, things will start to fall in line and your kid will be able to escape the bully unscathed.

Actively Monitor Your Kid’s Social Media Platforms

More often than not, kids share their feelings through social media platforms, so this is where you need to be looking at. If they’re sad, frustrated or annoyed, then they will share something about it on one of their social networking platforms. If you are monitoring them, then you will know what they are going through and will be able to help them get through it. If they are a target of cyberbullying, then once again, you need to spur into action and make sure that this problem goes away as soon as possible.