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Now is Not the Time to Switch to Windows 10


At long last, Windows 10 has arrived and you must be seeing a lot of people migrating to it. However, if you still haven’t upgraded to the most recent operating system by Windows, then this means that you aren’t hasty and want to see if all the problems are sorted out. You made the right choice by sticking to the older version as Windows 10 is not the safest platform to be on at the moment. There are still a few issues that need to be addressed, some of which are outlined below.

Privacy Concerns

Microsoft Windows has never been known for its privacy. It was never a safe haven for the users, as the hackers managed to breach its security on regular basis. The things haven’t panned out differently in Windows 10 either. There have been a couple of incidents already where security was breached and some of the users were hacked. The new and improved Device Guard works rather well, but it needs time before general public can graciously accept and use it. As of now, there’s no telling when an attack might commence on Windows 10 and all of your personal data gets lost or stolen. Due to this reason, it is advised that you don’t make the transition to the latest Windows operating system just yet.

Lack of Universal Apps

Microsoft has been marketing its apps store a lot lately, and there will certainly be some people who may have fallen into the trap and moved on to Windows 10 in hope of utilizing the best of apps. However, the reality is completely opposite. Windows Store is still a wasteland and don’t offer much to the users. This is why you often see Microsoft advertising apps that aren’t on the wish list of a lot of users. If you are thinking of migrating to Windows 10 because you think you will be getting your hands on thousands of universal apps, then just drop the idea and stick to what you’ve got.

Edge and Mail are Not Ready

Two of the biggest additions brought to Windows 10 are Mail and Edge. However, both of these apps are in testing phase at the moment and don’t offer anything new to the users. You can easily use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as both of these browsers are stable and rich in features. Edge, on the other hand, doesn’t even come close. Same is the case with Mail. It’s not ready right now as some of the integral features are missing. Apart from these two apps, there is other stuff in Windows 10 that is going under different tests and will only be made available to the users when it’s ready. This can be tomorrow or two years from now, so it’s better to stick with the operating system whom you know about.

Forced Updates

Windows 10 is currently in its infancy stage, which means a lot is changing and a lot will change as more and more updates are released. This means that the functions you are using right now might completely be changed or even deleted. Furthermore, the updates are forced on you. Even if you don’t want them, they are still going to take place. This becomes annoying really fast.

There’s no questioning the fact that Windows 10 has brought some awesome new stuff to the table, but another fact is that it isn’t ready at the moment. The problems discussed are a proof of that. If you still think that you will be able to pull through, then go for the latest operating system by all means.