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We all know how text messaging has become the future of communication. Every type of emotions; anger, happiness, pleasure, frustration, etc. is being shared with the help of text messaging now. The worst part is that our teens are getting addicted to it. They seldom know how to express themselves in-person, instead they feel comfortable with messaging. Is it safe for the kids or should parents monitor these conversations of kids with the help of a good phone spy app?

Text messaging has taken its place as the front runner for most communication that takes place these days. Most of us put our thumbs to good use long before we even consider giving our vocal cords some exercise. And like almost everything else people have found their own specific texting style which shines through their texts.
Mobistealth has painted a fun picture of text messaging with texters it thinks are the most common these days. Which one of these texters do you know? Are there any other “texting champions” you think we’re missing out on?

For kids these days, text messaging is a lot more than just a source of communication. It is making them shy, getting them addicted to their phones, and there are other mental health concerns as well. Only if parents know how text messaging is affecting their kids’ mental and physical health, they would start using phone spy app to keep an eye on their kids. Mobistealth is the best phone spy app that you can use.

Among all other negative things associated with the use of text messaging as the only source of communication, sexting has taken a very strong place and is affecting young kids the most. Sexting is the use of inappropriate and sexual nature of content in the text messages to enhance romantic relationships. This is very common these days and that is why kids think that it makes them look cool and enhance the level of their relationships.

But as an adult, you must know that how the things they are sharing can be used against them in the future when that relationship is over. The pain and suffering that blackmailing will bring to your kid is not worth the fun they are having. You can guide them about this, but also you need to use phone spy app like Mobistealth to make sure you know what sort of content are they sharing. It is definitely not the violation of their privacy as you are saving them from a big embarrassment and shame.

Text Messaging habits we all hate

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