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Text Messaging Habits We All Hate


All of us know at least one person who sends long boring text messages; a couple that refuses to stop texting no matter who’s around; people who respond after ages with a “K”; then there are those that text you absolute gibberish because they’re “too cool for school”; and of course anger management cases that need to attach a curse word to everything they say.
Text messaging has taken its place as the front runner for most communication that takes place these days. Most of us put our thumbs to good use long before we even consider giving our vocal cords some exercise. And like almost everything else people have found their own specific texting style which shines through their texts.
Mobistealth has painted a fun picture of text messaging with texters it thinks are the most common these days. Which one of these texters do you know? Are there any other “texting champions” you think we’re missing out on?

Text Messaging habits we all hate

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