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How to Keep Tabs on Workplace Communication


As an employer, you give full access of internet to all of your employees, which means that they are free to visit any website they want, talk to anyone they want, and do everything they want. You do that because you realize that employees can’t always focus on the given tasks and need some time off. However, some of the employees take this liberty as an opportunity and waste a large chunk of their time chatting with people online. They are either talking to their family members, kids, partners, or other workforce. This results in excessive wastage of time, which affects the overall performance of your company. You certainly can’t let this kind of behavior slide in your organization because it’s contagious. If not stopped at the right time, it could literally plague the entire firm. This is why you need to keep tabs on your employees’ workplace communication and that can only be done through monitoring solutions.

Monitoring Solutions

Deploying monitoring tools in the workplace is your best bet to deal with this kind of behavior. If you have a feeling that one of your employees is wasting their time in the workplace rather than focusing on the given tasks, then you should see what they are up to on their computer.

With monitoring tool, this can be achieved rather easily. You can see almost everything they are doing including their chat conversations. If you see that they are wasting a large chunk of their time, just randomly conversing with people, then you need to penalize them. Penalizing them may seem harsh at first, but it’s a necessary evil. You need to punish them in order to send messages to others that you are always watching them.

Some people will not like the idea of being watched, but you have to stick with it. Remember, their convenience doesn’t matter, but the survival of your company does. If keeping an eye on your employees allows you to get better performance out of them, then what is the harm in doing so?

Reduce Privacy Concerns

There will be some who will argue that people’s privacy and security would be at risk at all times, and they would be right. However, there are ways to counter this problem. You can just assign one of your most trustworthy employees on this task and all the information gained will be available only to them.

They should only be allowed to share their findings with you, and that’s it. Their privacy concerns will go away. This way, all of the personal information about employees will remain secure, and you will get to see which of your employees are wasting their time without much of a hassle. It’s a win-win situation for both the parties.



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