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Why You Should Keep Tabs on Apps Installed on Your Kids’ Phone


Kids love smartphones as it gives them access to some really helpful solutions that can come in handy in a lot of ways. They can socialize, play games, edit pictures, add themes, listen to music, watch videos, read news, make presentations, and do so much more. It all seems well and good, but there is just one small problem. Along with these helpful tools, there are some inappropriate apps as well, featuring adult content. It can have a negative influence on their impressionable minds among other things. It is your responsibility to keep them away from such apps because if you don’t, your kids might pay the price for it in the longer run.

Apps to Bypass Internet Filters

You install an internet filter to ensure that your kids don’t stumble across any inappropriate content, and for the most part they make peace with this restriction. However, there are all sorts of apps out there that allow them to bypass these barriers. Being young and impulsive, kids are constantly craving freedom irrespective of their maturity, or lack thereof, to handle it. They desperately search for such apps and then use them to regain digital freedom. You of course shouldn’t allow that to happen as it may undermine your efforts to keep them protected from the many internet threats that you were keeping at bay through web filtering tools. Therefore, closely keeping an eye on what apps your kids have installed on their phones is extremely important.

Apps Featuring Adult Content

There are so many apps available on official app stores such as Google Play that contain adult content. This may range from porn to violent or drug-related content. The worst part about them is that they’re available in abundance, making it really hard for kids to ignore them. The latter can get their hands on them without really doing much. In fact, these apps show up in the “Popular Right Now” section, thus making them even more prominent and enticing. So even if your kids were not looking for a pornographic app, they may come across them and download them. To discourage kids from downloading such apps, it’s important that you regularly scan their phones for anything inappropriate.

The Options Available to You

You of course don’t want your kids to go down any road that can possibly expose them to physical or psychological harm, and this includes inappropriate apps as well. However, there’s very little you can do when you know nothing about the apps that are installed on their phone. You do have a few options available to keep yourself updated on what your kids have installed on their phone. The first and perhaps most common method deployed by most parents around the globe is periodic inspections. You can ask your kid to hand you their phone and then scan it manually to see if it’s got any app that may not be appropriate for them. This is not a very reliable method as kids can easily clean up their phones when they know the time for an inspection is approaching. Perhaps the smarter thing to do is to use a monitoring app for real-time scrutiny. Once installed on your kids’ device, it lets you remotely view all the apps installed on the target device, thus allowing you to easily know if and when your kid installs something inappropriate on their phone. Since the monitoring is happening in real time, they won’t have an easy time hiding anything from you.