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Why Switch to Linux from Windows


Linux has been around for quite some time now and there are already a large number of people that have ditched Windows for it. Then there are some people who are thinking about moving to Linux but aren’t doing so because Windows 10 is here and they want to give it a try. Finally, there are people who don’t really know what Linux is and want to stick with Windows just because they have been using it their whole life. In this article, we will cater to all categories mentioned above and will try to convince them why it is the right time to switch to Linux from Windows.

It’s Free

The main reason you should switch to Linux is because it’s free. Now you may argue that Windows 10 is also free so why should you go for Linux. Well, for starters, Microsoft doesn’t have that good of a record with new Windows as every new one they come up with is flawed one way or another. On the other hand, you have Linux, a well-tested and established operating system that has been under use for quite a long while now. You will be getting it for free, so even if you don’t like it, you can always switch back to Windows.

Better Security

As soon as Windows is installed on a computer, the users immediately look for antivirus that will help them stay safe from all kinds of malware lurking on the internet. Sometimes, these software do their job quite effectively keeping you safe, but at times they are not that proficient, hence leaving you hanging. With Linux however, you will not have to go through this process over and over again. Linux OS is pretty effective against malware and its security has been one of the main attractions for the Windows users.

Compatible with Outdated Hardware

It’s a pain when the only reason you have to upgrade your PC is because the new Windows is demanding it. However, that’s not the case with Linux as it works well even on the lower-ended computers, which is a huge advantage for the people who either can’t afford new tech or they just don’t have access to the latest technology.

All Drivers Come Pre-Installed

On Windows, it happens more often than we’d like to admit. We have to install drivers to cater to every single device we purchase. The process of searching and installing the driver can be pretty annoying. The good news is that you can avoid all this nuisance if you decide to switch to Linux as it comes installed with all the latest drivers, avoiding the need to go to digital stores and look for the drivers that you need.

Smooth Updates

When it comes to updates, there’s nothing more annoying than Windows updates, which are incredibly slow and the worst part is that they can only be installed when the computer is about to turn on or turn off. Luckily, Linux doesn’t have this kind of system as the updating process runs in the background while you are working, watching movies or playing games. These updates are done at an incredibly fast pace and by the time you are done with the update, you’ll be ready to shut down your PC.