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How to Survive the Workplace in the Age of Employee Surveillance


Employers all over the world have deployed monitoring tools at workplace and there is very little you can do about it. It’s their property and they can do as they please with it. They get to see what happens on your devices through this monitoring, but they usually claim that your personal information is not in any danger. Even if in most cases it really is safe, why even take the risk? You have to realize that employers are only concerned about their business interests, and if you become a threat to them in any way, they will use whatever weapon they have against you. Knowing that, it is advised that you stay prepared for the onslaught and don’t get too comfortable when you know for a fact that they have got their eyes on you. Here are some great tips that will help you survive the workplace that is under heavy surveillance.

Personal Information

You are supposed to keep your personal information “personal”, which means that you have to keep it out of everyone’s sight at all times. However, when you are at workplace where monitoring solutions have been deployed, employers can see each and everything you share on your phones and work computers. If you open up your personal email account, they can and probably will look at it. If you share your personal information via messaging, they can and probably will look at it. If you share it via calls, they’ll know about it as well. Whatever information you share on workplace device is monitored, so there’s no getting away. Employers or anyone else with access to this information can misuse it or blackmail you for it. This is why it is recommended that you never use your personal accounts on the office computers, mobiles, tablets, etc. Keeping your personal information safe and secure from the prying eyes should be your priority when working in a company with monitoring solutions.

You Still Have Rights

There is very little you can do about workplace monitoring, but remember that you still have your rights. If the monitoring is getting too personal or if the employer hasn’t told anyone about the monitoring tool and is spying on employees without their consent, then they cannot hide behind anything. You can sue the company and the employer in such scenarios.

Read the Contract before Signing

Employers sometimes use a dirty trick where they hide the monitoring part somewhere in the contract or include it in fine print. They know that many people do not bother to carefully read the whole thing, hence they take advantage of it. Don’t fall for this trap and always read the entire contact. If you are not too well-versed in legal language or find the language of the contract somewhat confusing, then seek help from a lawyer before actually putting your signatures on it.

Most employers only deploy monitoring tools in the workplace because they want their employees to keep their focus on the assigned tasks. However, the fact is that no one likes to be spied on. Unfortunately, as an employee you can’t really do a lot about preventing its use. However, the one thing that you can do is that you can be cautious and vigilant so as to avoid spilling anything personal or giving your employee an opportunity to rebuke you over something.