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Recent survey looks at business security through company-owned devices


The latest Global Study on Mobility Risks, which was conducted by Websense, looked at how company-owned mobile devices and the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend is affecting the security of businesses and policies.

The findings showed 77 percent of more than the 4,000 respondents believe that mobile devices at the workplace are necessary to running a successful business. However, 76 percent also agree that these mobile phones and tablets may be putting their company at risk when it comes to organization, whereas only 39 percent have the necessary security controls to manage these technologies.

“IT has spent years working on desktop security and trying to prevent data loss over web and email channels – but mobile devices are radically changing the game,” said Tom Clare, senior director of Product Marketing Management. “Tablets and iOS devices are replacing corporate laptops as employees bring-their-own-devices to work and access corporate information. These devices open the door to unprecedented loss of sensitive data. IT needs to be concerned about the data that mobile devices access and not the device itself.”

Additionally, IT experts who responded to the survey reported that 63 percent of the data breaches they experienced were a result of mobile devices, and only 28 percent discovered that employee desktop computers were the cause. This findings show that it may be beneficial for a company that features business-owned mobile devices to invest in some extra security measures.

It was also found that 59 percent of respondents reported that employees have disengaged certain security features, and in the past year, 51 percent of the companies saw data loss as a result of insecure mobile devices from cell phones to laptops.

Many employers are not only worried about the security of their company, but also what their employees are using these company phones and devices for. Those who are concerned with this can purchase an employee monitoring software, which allows employers to see what their employees are doing and give them some peace of mind.

Another survey was conducted by Trend Micro, which examined which operating systems protected the company the best from the viewpoint of the employers. Apple’s iOS system was determined to be number one, followed by Blackberry and Android, which took second and third place, respectively.