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Getting Stolen Smartphone Back Made Easy by Mobistealth


Smartphones come with a plethora of robust features, all of which help make our lives a whole lot easier. We have gotten so used to these nifty devices that we can’t even imagine out lives without it. It holds our pictures, videos, account information, social security number, phone numbers, songs, movies, TV shows, and so much more, making it all available to us on the go. This is why it becomes such a huge emergency when we lose our smartphones somewhere or when it gets stolen. However, there is no longer any need for you to worry about losing your smartphone because there is a powerful new solution in town, and it’s called Mobistealth.

Location Reporting

Mobistealth is a monitoring solution that comes with location reporting feature that provides you with the location of your smartphone 24/7. It keeps you updated about the location of your phone in real time, and also stores the major locations where your smartphone had been through its historical location tracking feature. What this basically means is that not only will you know about the current location of your mobile device, but you can also see where it had been throughout the day. This feature proves its real value in case of thefts as you can easily see which route the thief took to get away. With tabs on thief’s location, you can track him down and get your device back in no time.

Not Restricted to GPS Tracking

The best part about Mobistealth location tracking is that it doesn’t bound you to GPS only. It also enables you to track your device with the help of Wi-Fi and radio towers signals. This again is an extremely useful feature and can come in real handy in case of mobile theft. In situations and places where GPS is not working, you can seek help from radio tower signals or Wi-Fi signals, both of which do a pretty good job of precisely locating your device. However, if you’re still unsure about Mobistealth and think that these features aren’t enough, then don’t worry because Mobistealth has one more unique feature to offer.

SMS Location Tracking

If you’re unable to track your device via Wi-Fi signals, GPS, or radio towers, then don’t worry because SMS location tracking can come in handy here. The functionality of this feature is pretty simple. As soon as a message is sent or received on your smartphone, your location pops up on Mobistealth, allowing you to know its location with ease.

All of the aforementioned features are quite resourceful and can help you track down the location of your device with utmost ease. As mentioned earlier, smartphones have become an integral part of our life and we routinely trust it with our personal information. This is why when it gets stolen or when we lose it somewhere, we literally find ourselves in danger because our personal information faces the risk of landing in wrong hands. Knowing that, it is advised that you always install Mobistealth on your phone so that you can track it down immediately when needed.