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Snooping on Calls Becomes Easier Than Ever with Mobistealth


There are a ton of developers out there that put out ads promising that their app boasts a ton of call spying features, but once you purchase them, you realize that you just wasted your money because none of the promised features work. However, you don’t have to worry about that when you’re using Mobistealth. This solution comes with detailed features that makes spying on calls a whole lot easier. You just have to get this app installed on someone’s phone and let it do its magic.

Call Recording

First thing that Mobistealth helps you do is that it allows you to keep tabs on each and every call being made or received by your target. It means that you’ll be able to get information about all incoming and outgoing calls with ease. You can’t be on your phone all the time though, so it’s impossible to listen-in on every single call. Knowing that, the team behind Mobistealth crafted the call recording feature. You can record calls when you’re busy, and come back to them when you have free time. Most of the other apps in the same category don’t offer this feature, and the ones that do often fail to deliver on their promise.

Surround Sound

Even when the other person is not on the call, you will still be able to listen to what’s being said around the device with the help of this feature. When you switch this feature on, you are basically given access to the speaker of other person’s phone and can listen to everything that’s being said around it. This feature is quite helpful and often missing in other spy apps out there.

Call Details

If you think the aforementioned features weren’t enough, then worry not because there’s still a lot left. Firstly, there’s a feature called call details that provides you with the phone number of each and every incoming and outgoing call. This means that you’ll get your hands on all the numbers that appear on your target’s smartphone. That’s not all though as this feature also provides you with the precise time and date of every single call. All of these features combined make call details feature of Mobistealth one of the best around. Other apps out there may help you keep an eye on time and date, but there are rare cases where they enable you to keep tabs on phone numbers as well.

Contact List

Finally, there is the contact list feature that does exactly what the name suggests. You will be able to keep an eye on each and every person that has been added on your target’s contact list, along with all the information that has been added about the people in the contact list.