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Can Social Media Pressure Lead to Suicide?

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Being a parent, we all have been to the place where we couldn’t just provide smartphone and internet access to our kids. Even though they ask for such things at a very young age, our denial means nothing. If we don’t provide these facilities to them, they will probably find other ways to fulfill their wishes and that will be bad for kids and their relationship with parents as well. So, what could parents do? Should they give their kids what they want or protect them by keeping them deprived of these things? 


If you are a wise parent, you would know that not providing them with these things means pushing them away from you. They will fulfill their requirements of fun from somewhere else and they will probably hide this from you. That’s the worst sort of nightmare for any parent. So, instead of letting this happen, provide them the smartphones, give them internet access, and let them enjoy social media as much as they want. But along with that, make sure that you keep an eye on them. 


It is easy to say that parents should allow their kids to use social media, but it becomes really difficult when you see the news about where kids are hurting themselves due to the pressure they are facing online. Social media pressure is a real thing and it is hurting a lot of kids, especially those who are far away from their parents emotionally. But, why would any kid do that? Why would they commit suicide or do anything related? Let’s shed some light on this matter. 


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How Does Social Media Pressure Lead to Suicide? 

Parents need to understand what social media pressure is and how is it affecting our youth. Especially, it is to be investigated why do kids commit suicide? Why would they harm themselves due to the platform which is supposed to be fun for them? Usually, social media pressure starts from the thought of not being like others who seem so cool on media. This is where kids take the start and it goes so far from here. 


Suicide is often the by-product of depression if it is worse. Social media seems like so much fun but it can give depression to the kids who are using it too much. Depression can come from various points but the most common is that the kids think that they need to be like others but they can’t. Since, several people on social media pretend to be having the most luxurious life, which is only for the sake of the camera. But, kids believe this stuff and soon they get depressed over the thought of not being enough or not having a life like theirs. 



Cyberbullying is being practiced too much on social media and it all starts from a simple naïve sort of rivalry. But, it takes no time for the flame to spread and it gets worse. Some kids are so embarrassed from such sort of humiliation that they are unable to handle it. They feel so much pressure and they think that they cannot face anyone anymore. This is when they try to take away their life because of the humiliation and embarrassment they faced online. 


Now, predators have shifted to social media to look for their prey. They know that many innocent kids have joined social media in search of their friends and soul mates. They pretend to be like one of the kids and do their best to earn their trust. Once they have earned the complete trust of the kids, they end up making them share personal information that could get the predators close to them. When the whole scenario is opened up in front of the victim, they get afraid of the consequences. They fear that their parents will also punish them and that they have done the worst. As a result, they choose a path that could take them away from such humiliation, and that is suicide. 


What Should Parents Do? 

Parents should understand that their kids are so young to understand these things and they need proper guidance in regards to what they want to do with their social media. Along with using a good monitoring app, Mobistealth, parents should be there for the kids too. They should not scold their kids over petty things and understand the situation their kids are in. Once you get to know them and make them realize that you are there for them, they will share things with you and you can guide them well.


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