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Smartphones to be used to monitor health


Smartphones can not only tell the weather, pinpoint a location and notify a person that they received an email, but it may also be able to tell how a person is doing medically, according to the Deccan Herald.

Dr. Eric Topol, the author of The Creative Destruction of Medicine and cardiologist at the Scripps Medical Institute in La Jolla, California, believes smartphones will soon be able to run common medical tests. Thus far, devices can already measure blood pressure, monitor blood sugar, hear heartbeats and chart heart activity, and he thinks more will be coming shortly, according to the news outlet.

“Of course, the medical profession doesn’t like DIY anything,” Topol told the news source. “There are some really progressive digital doctors who are recognising the opportunities here for better care and prevention, but most are resistant to change.”

Since the number of people with diabetes continues to grow, more technology is focused on the everyday care of diabetes patients. Tom Xu is the founder of SkyHealth, which is a website that helps diabetes sufferers track their blood glucose levels and it links up to their smartphone on a program called glucosebuddy.

“Our main goal of glucosebuddy is not to just record numbers. That’s the boring part,” Xu told the media outlet. “Once you know how your diet affects your blood sugar, you take your health more seriously.”

According to The Daily Breeze, home monitoring systems are growing in popularity among seniors who are living at home with certain conditions. Doctors are able to monitor patients while they are at home through their cell phone or computer. This can enhance the overall care for the patient along with increase the senior’s quality of life, as they are able to stay at home where many are the most comfortable instead of being in a hospital or a home.

Advancements in technology are moving at a rapid pace, and many can get overwhelmed by all of the new information. In addition, some might wonder about the security of their phones, as they now have more personal information – and possibly medical history – stored on the device. Individuals who are worried about their phone being stolen or hacked into may want to purchase a cell phone tracking software to keep tabs on their mobile.