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How Smartphones Are Complicating the Lives of Teens


Many years have passed since smartphones first broke into the scene, yet we continue to struggle in our quest to mitigate their pitfalls, the biggest of them being their irresponsible use by the younger generation. Impulsive and often ignorant of the possible consequences of their recklessness, kids, especially teens, see the opportunities offered by smartphones as a gateway to unrestricted and unlimited fun. Before long, they find their simple lives turning into a complicated mess. Following are the ways in which smartphones have injected unnecessary complications into the lives of teens.

A Constant Distraction

Round-the-clock connectivity through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and their likes is normally counted as a benefit of smartphones, but adding teens to the equation turns it into a huge problem. The problem with constant connectivity is that it keeps teens distracted from important stuff like homework, physical activities, and sleep. They always have their mind on their smartphone as it keeps beeping, signaling the arrival or a new gossip, a hilarious joke, a cool picture, an exciting plan. Kids like to remain aware of the happening in their social circle, and that requires them to be active on their chat apps. Of course, staying relevant in their social circle demands a contribution from them as well, which is why they religiously share their own updates and reactions. Chat apps and the attention they demand may seem enjoyable at first, but teens soon start to find it mentally draining.

Premature Romance

Smartphones have made it exceptionally easy for teens to transform a mere crush into something far more. Aside from traditional texting, modern communication channels like social networking sites and chat apps allow them to spend more time together, digitally that is. Built-in cameras, both front and rear, create an opportunity to take and exchange photos and videos, which have a tendency to become sexual in nature pretty quickly. Same holds true for video calls through Skype, FaceTime, etc. Web-connectivity, camera and privacy make it convenient for teens to turn their desires, like a fling for instance, into a reality, which can then strip them of the mental peace essential for strong academic and athletic performance.

Vulnerability to Terrifying Threats

Predators, public shaming, blackmailing, and bullying have been haunting kids for years, but now they have all been promoted into the digital space, making them deadlier by increasing their reach. Smartphones create a bridge between these dangers and teens, thus raising their susceptibility to a traumatizing experience. Teens require constant alertness and presence of mind to detect and slip through the fingers of online predators, blackmailers, cyberbullies, and any other malicious element that may be looking to harm or exploit them.

It is a good thing that almost all smartphone dangers can be eliminated or mitigated through the use of sophisticated cell phone monitoring apps.