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A Short Guide on Different Forms of Malware


Despite the continuous advancement in security technologies, the threat of malware appears to be growing bigger with every passing day, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. Most recent research in this area revealed that a new type of malware is released on the web every four seconds. Not a lot of internet users pay attention to what they are clicking on, which makes things rather easier for hackers as they are able to sneak malware on to the people’s computers and mobile phones with ease. Users usually become victim of these dangers only because they are unaware of different types of malware lurking on the web. The most commonly known malware found on the internet is called virus, but that’s not the only menace you should be aware of. There are various other threats that pose your digital security a very potent risk. Here’s a little detail about a few of them to give you a heads up.


First malware that we are going to shed light on is called Trojan. This name was given to these types of malware because their modus operandi is quite similar to that of the infamous Trojan horse. They seem quite harmless on the surface, but as soon as they make their way on your mobile phone or PC, they start to cause havoc. These types of malware are usually hidden in the ordinary looking apps and software, and once you download them, a Trojan is released on your computer, which then destroys everything from within. The only way to avoid Trojans is by thoroughly checking out each and every software or app that you are looking to download.


Spyware does exactly what the name says. Once it sneaks into your computer, it will start to spy on your activities. It can prove to be quite a nuisance if you aren’t being careful, which is why it is reiterated that you always search about stuff that you are about to download. Because even a little bit of carelessness can affect your mobile phones or PC in a big way.


Well, to put it simply, virus acts as a virus. It sticks itself to software and when you open that particular software, it starts to multiply rapidly, spreading all across your computer. It can then be found in all types of files that are integral to the survival of your PC. The problem with virus is that you will not be able to get rid of it once it makes its way to your computer. Because the virus has shared itself to different files, it will keep coming back one way or another. The best defense against viruses is precaution, which can be achieved through different antivirus software available in the market.


After finding its way onto your computer, Worms replicate themselves and destroy each and every file present on your computer. If you don’t get rid of it soon, it will keep on eating your files until your whole hard drive is empty.


Ransomware are pretty dangerous type of malware as they can block your activities altogether. A screen comes up on your desktop asking you to pay a certain amount as ransom otherwise your computer will stay locked. The users that aren’t well-versed in hacking might take this threat seriously, but we assure you that there’s nothing to worry about. These ransomware can be kept at bay and even if they sneak onto your computer, you can get rid of them by either re-installing the operating system or asking for professional help.