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Apple wants to provide advanced security options to its users by introducing the use of the combination of Touch ID and Fingertip motion. The function involves the circular motion of the fingertip to give certain commands for the sensor to detect and execute. Rotation or movement of the finger in particular ways would produce the desired result.

AuthenTec’s Co-founder Dale R. Setlak, who is credited to have proposed the idea which was revealed only this week when Apple acquired the new patented application for its sensors required for the Touch ID fingerprint technology. Unlocking the device has been explained for the ease of the users as described by the published filling, “Electronic Device Switchable to a User-Interface Unlocked Mode Based Upon a Pattern of Input Motions and Related Methods”. It further guides how the user interface comes in contact with the Touch ID sensor.  

Touch Sensors

As displayed on the screen of the iPhone the user is moving the finger to unlock a combination lock (digital) as shown in the example. For unlocking the device in a secure fashion, Apple would be providing a pattern of input motions that would have to be performed for opening the digital combination lock. Traditional swipe pattern involves interaction with the display screen however the user was shown to interact with the Touch ID home button. The device was unlocked once finger dragged across the home button according to an example demonstrated by the filing.

The Touch ID home button does not merely perform the function of detecting fingerprint of the users. The filing is solely present to highlight various functions performed by the button which involve movement and motion sensing of that of a finger which would help perform numerous actions by this technology.

This feature is already being shown off in the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus by the name of “Reachability”. If the user wants to access the top screen then he is supposed to tap the home button twice but not press it. In an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the locking and idle mode hardly comes by as the home button is constantly sensing motion but users won’t find the reachability feature in iPhone 5 which is smaller.

New Technology

AuthenTec’s Smart Sensor is the main technology that powers the sensors of Touch ID fingerprint as acquired by Apple recently. Specific control of the cursor can be managed by the Touch ID predecessor when accessing the feature for faster scrolling, editing text messages, optical joystick simulation and much more as touch based navigation is provided by this technology.

Using different fingers for different functions and features can also be utilized to provide greater security and user interface interaction. This way different fingers would be identified by the Touch ID technology to launch or access various apps for example, making a call to a specific person.

First filed in June 2013, the patent for input motion regarding lock invention by Setlak was revealed to the public by the US patent and Trademark Office just this week.


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