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Security Breach Incidents Rise in USA, Citizens Are Worried


USA’s security has been exposed as of late as it has been attacked a couple of times in last few months. First attack was allegedly done by Russians, who managed to hack into Pentagon’s joint staff email system and compromised accounts of 4000 civilian and military employees. The other attack was allegedly perpetrated by China. Both of these attacks have made the cyber defenses of America look rather frail, compelling people to question the security measures that have been deployed by the government to prevent such breaches.

Russian Hack Attack

The reporters seemed pretty certain when they stated that the Russians were involved in the hacking of Pentagon’s joint staff email system, but they were unable to pinpoint whether this attack was orchestrated by Russian government or if it was done independently. This attack was reportedly done on July 25, but Pentagon was able to keep it under wraps until one of their employees spilled the beans to CNBC. A lot of US citizens were furious about the attack and were demanding their government to increase the level of security.

Chinese Hack Attack

Just a few days after, another hacking incident happened and this time the reports stated that China was the real perpetrator behind it. This attack was done to target the personal email accounts of all top national security and trade officials. However, the hackers failed at the attempt and all the information of the officials was kept safe.

Citizen’s Reaction

In the light of both these attacks, people started to get worried about their security, and rightly so. USA claims to be the world leader and if their own accounts are getting hacked by other countries, then there certainly is something wrong with their security system. Citizens are demanding that the security should get updated, especially in the fields where classified information is stored.

Officials’ Reaction

Officials have stated that they have been investigating these two, as well as other hacking incidents that have occurred in the past, and will try their best to bring culprits to justice. As far as security is concerned, officials assured that they are working on improving the security so that these hacking incidents can stop altogether. Although these responses from officials were fairly generic and expected, the improvement in security system is still on the cards because as of late, USA has come under attack by several cyber attacks.

Conspiracy Theorists

The involvement of other countries in these hacking incidents have not been proven just yet, and because of this, conspiracy theorists are saying that these attacks were actually done by US themselves and now they are just blaming their biggest rivals.

Nothing can be said with certainty until proof is provided by either party so until then, all of the information is based on reports present on different media outlets.