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Schools vary on their cell phone policies, and parents may not agree


A number of school across the country are continually changing their cell phone use policies as many students are getting in trouble for having their phones on them. Surprisingly, certain schools aren’t focusing on the fact that students have their smartphones with them – officials are more worried about what they are using them for.

According to the Sand Mountain Reporter, the school officials at Albertville High School in Alabama are trying to find a way to discipline students who take videos of other classmates who are unaware they are being filmed.

“We are really concerned that students feel like they have the right to take pictures or video of other students without their permission and post it on social networks,” Ric Ayer, superintendent of the Albertville City School System, told the news source. “We are going to do everything we can to prevent that because we don’t think that is an appropriate thing to be happening in school.”

Some parents may also have reservations about what their child is doing while on his or her phone. Those who are worried their child is participating in inappropriate behavior can purchase parental control software, which allows the adult to check in on what the child is using the phone for – whether they are at home or at school.

One school in Hilton, New York, has an entirely different attitude toward cell phone use. The students are allowed to take out their cell phones in the classroom – in fact, some are encouraged to do so, according to the news channel WHAM-TV.

The teachers and school officials decided over the summer to take away the cell phone ban, and some educators at the facility are allowing students to use the phones for educational purposes, such as looking up information relevant to class subject matter.

Students have been responding well to the new policy.

“I think it gives us a lot more freedom and shows we can be trusted,” student Cody Whiting told the news outlet.

The teachers will also use their cell phone, and incorporate it into the class. Therefore, if there is an equation they need to know, they are able to snap a photo of it. In addition, students who do not have a cell phone are not required to get one, instead the teacher will provide a tablet or phone so everyone can participate, the media outlet reports.