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Saving Your Kids from Online Threats Has Never Been Easier


Online threats like online predators, cyberbullying, and porn addiction have been a huge problem lately. Sadly, there is very little a parent like yourself can do about it because of the nature of this issue. Children spend a large chunk of their time online and whatever they do on there is hidden from you. So without knowing what’s going on in your child’s life, there is nothing you can do to save them. They succumb to online predators, are cyberbullied, and some get addicted to pornography. This has been going on since the arrival of the internet, but it has been brought to a whole new level in the past couple of years.

The reason behind it is the easy access to the internet at an early age. Kids want attention and in this endeavor, they end up doing stupid things which haunt them for life. Previously, there was no way of stopping these concerns, but now that monitoring solutions are available, saving your kids from online threats is easier than it has ever been. There was a time when where was no way to track your kid’s online activities and know what they were doing on the internet. Thanks to advanced technology, now we have monitoring solutions and parental control apps that can be readily installed on your kid’s device and provide you with all the information about their online activities. You can find out whether or not your kid is being bullied online, some stranger is trying to reach out to them, or your kid is watching pornographic content on the internet. How cell phone tapping apps and parental control solutions can help resolve these major issues has been explained below.


Cyberbullying is nothing new but the number of suicides and mass shootings occurring because of it has increased by a huge percentage. Gone are the times when kids used to be bullied at schools, in the classrooms, or in the school playgrounds. With the advent of the internet and social media platforms, it has become a lot easier for bullies to target innocent kids online. The kids get bullied at school and when they come home, they are bullied on their devices via multiple social networking platforms. They get annoyed, frustrated, and angry. However, they aren’t able to fight back. This builds up hate within them for themselves, and for the people around them. When pushed to the limit, some take their own life, while some decide to take on their attackers. Both of the scenarios are dangerous for everyone involved. With monitoring solution at your disposal, however, you can make this problem go away. Monitoring apps give you access to most instant messaging apps, text message conversations, call logs, and even allows you to record calls. So, if your child is indeed being cyberbullied, you’ll know about through monitoring app, and will be able to stop this from going any further.

Porn Addiction

Another major issue like porn addiction can also be resolved by a monitoring app. These monitoring tools are designed to keep tabs on your children’s online activities, which mean that all of their browsing activity can be seen. For instance, Mobistealth is such a monitoring app that lets you track all your kid’s web browsing history. You can find out whether or not your kid is watching adult content on the internet with the help of Mobistealth. If you see them going to pornographic sites excessively through the Mobistealth monitoring app, then you should intervene and explain to them how dangerous this habit can be, and how it can lead to porn addiction. The kids won’t like it at first, but soon they will understand the dangers such content possess.

Online Predators

Online predators find gullible kids quite easily because quite frankly, all the kids are gullible. All of the children have their own interests and when they find someone who likes the same stuff as them even in pretense, they fall for them. If you have monitoring solution installed on your kid’s device, you will be able to recognize such predators instantly through their messages and calls and would be able to save your kid from a life-long trauma.

By installing Mobistealth on your kid’s smartphone, you can know if a stranger or online predator is trying to establish contact with your kid through text messages or instant chats.