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What You Can Safely Expect from Windows 10 Security


As soon as we buy a new computer or install new Windows, the first thing we are worried about is the safety of our computer and the data that’s on it. Just to make sure that all of our data stays safe, we look for third-party software and try different security measures so that no one else can pry into our secure data. However, Microsoft doesn’t want you relying on third-party solutions anymore. Windows 10 security has come up with a couple of new features of its own that will help secure the computer without needing any external help.

Device Guard

Microsoft is planning to increase security in Windows 10 by including two new features. First of these two new features is called Device Guard. It will alert you if it detects any malware activity going on in the software that you’re trying to open. However, instead of just giving you the warning, it will provide you with some information to help you make your choice. But ultimately, the decision will be yours and if you still want to open the program, you can do so.

Hello & Passport

Microsoft will also be bringing an all-new Hello & Passport feature to Windows 10 that will remove the need for passwords altogether. Instead, you’ll be logging into your computer via facial recognition, fingerprints and iris. For this feature to work, you obviously will require hardware that is able to recognize all three. If not all, most of the laptops nowadays come equipped with a webcam so the option of facial recognition is definitely helpful. To make the deal even sweeter, Microsoft is going to enhance these recognition features to make life really difficult for the people that might try to access others’ computers.

Previous Windows didn’t have such security measures available in them which left the users in a state of vulnerability. Knowing that, users went looking for third-party software that would provide them the safety they are looking for. Facial recognition was present in the previous iteration of Windows, but it wasn’t refined enough and proved to be more of an issue rather than a solution. With Windows 10 however, Microsoft is looking to change that by bringing a few new security measures to the table that, from the looks of it, will do a better job than the previous operating systems.

Although, these features will not make your computer completely hack-proof, but they will certainly make the job of hackers a whole lot harder. Hackers will have to come up some new tactics to go through the security, especially when all of the security features are enabled. Microsoft is looking to go big with Windows 10 and it could very well be the best Windows to date. The good news is that we will not have to wait for too long to find out as the newest iteration of Microsoft’s operating software is reportedly coming out this July.