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Safe Internet: Achieving the Impossible


We are living in a world where Internet has become a basic necessity. The way it has hijacked our lives makes it difficult, if not impossible, for us to fully avoid it. This has raised new questions regarding the privacy and security of people as a safe internet seems to be nothing more than a myth. What if this myth becomes a reality? As it turns out, this particular myth can be made a reality. Let’s look at some of the different ways you can make the Internet safer not only for yourself but also for your family.

Keep Your Eyes Open

You should be extra careful while surfing online. Do not open unauthorized links and ignore pop-up windows that request you to visit a particular website. In the same way, avoid replying to emails received from any unknown email address. Also, be very careful while downloading apps from even the official app stores as many of the apps there contain have malicious codes embedded in them. Avoid installing apps that require fishy permissions like access to your text messages, call logs, gallery, etc. You should also avoid using public networks as they are a home to malware. Also, these open and insecure networks are a hunting ground for hackers, who use them for data theft.

Stay Under the Radar

Do not share your contact details, bank information, credit card number, etc. on any website unless you are sure that your safety is not at risk. You must also avoid sharing your personal photos and videos on social media or any other platform as hackers and cyberbullies are always in search of such information so that they can use it against their targets. Advise your kids to do the same as their recklessness doesn’t just put them in danger, it also takes a toll on your security.

Use Third-Party Tools

You may also use third-party tools to keep yourself and your kids protected online. There are various apps that keep a record of Skype chat, messages, call logs, email logs, pictures, videos, and much more. You can install them on your kid’s devices to make sure they are exercising due caution in cyber space. These apps not only protect kids from cyberbullying and data theft, but also keeps them away from inappropriate content on the web by saving and later letting you view their internet browsing history. Most of these apps offer remote monitoring, allowing you to follow your kid’s digital footsteps from anywhere. These apps can also be used to track their location with or without using GPS. You may install them on your device as well. This will help you in finding your device if it ever gets lost or stolen.