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New Rombertik Malware is a Force to be Reckoned with


In this day and age, privacy has become close to non-existent as all of our personal data stored on our computers of mobile phones can easily be monitored through powerful surveillance tools like Mobistealth. Its okay to store all the data in digital machines but it is also important to make them secure. Although, data security companies are always working hard to come up with new ways to stop malware and Trojans from sneaking into your computers, but hackers nowadays are equally vigilant and always manage to find ways to invade other people’s lives.

Now, this game of cat and mouse has been taken to a whole new level as a new malware has been created which could prove pretty harmful if it sneaks into your device. This new malware is codenamed Rombertik. When it makes its way into your computer, it scans your device for monitoring actions. If it detects anti-malware software, it will go full berserk and will try to overwrite the master boot record (MBR) of the hard disk drive.

Rombertik comes packing a lot of information which is there to make it look like just another malware. 97% of its packed files are mostly dedicated to non-used functions and images which are the traits of almost all malware out there. However, the feature that really sets it apart from the rest is that when it senses the presence of anti-malware software on the computer, it starts to write over 960 million random files.

This process doesn’t do any damage, but it does keep anti-malware software at bay as it has to go through almost a billion files before it can actually figure out what’s actually going on in the computer. This gives Rombertik time to look for some particular errors that a VM (virtual machine) could suppress. Once it realizes that there’s no such thing in the sandbox, it starts to unbox itself and then cause havoc on the infected device.

If by any chance, it detects a VM, it declares a war against it and tries its best to beat it. However, if it is unable to access or overwrite the MBR (master boot record), it starts to encrypt all files present in Documents and Settings. Furthermore, it overwrites all the data that’s on hard disk drive with null bytes which make the process of restoration a whole lot harder.

There’s no need to even mention how dangerous this new malware can be, so it is better that you stay out of its grasp. Rombertik is specifically made to ensure that users suffer, and the worst part is that there’s no antivirus available at the moment which can keep it at bay. However, now that new challenge has arisen, it’s imminent that security companies will also create something to counter it.