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Know Your Role in the Fight Against Monitoring Tech Abuse


Electronic surveillance tools are still struggling to overcome their negative connotation despite a surge in their domestic and business use. The biggest reason behind that is their growing abuse, something that was always expected of a powerful technology that has been made readily available and easy accessible. Although governments and lawmakers are doing their best to keep the privacy and security of people from getting comprised due to the growing prevalence of monitoring software, unfortunately the major stakeholders, namely the companies building them, the marketers, the users, and the ones on the receiving end of monitoring, simply aren’t doing enough on their part to curb its irresponsible and malicious usage.

Now you must be wondering what the aforementioned stakeholders, which most likely includes you as well, should be doing to ensure that monitoring software ceases to become a threat. Well, allow us to list and explain those things in detail.

Communication and Adequate Disclosure

These two are perhaps the most important measures to curb the abuse of monitoring tech. Communication and adequate disclosure ensure that the presence of surveillance tool on any gadget is declared explicitly so that the person using that gadget is aware of their activities being tracked. Furthermore, the person deployment such a tool must share the purpose and justify the need to electronically watch everything that is being done on the monitored machine of mobile device. The policy applies to both parents as well as employers, so it doesn’t matter how reasonable and legitimate your monitoring interests may be, you really shouldn’t be trailing the calls, messages, social networking activities, emails, and location of anyone, be it your kids or employees, unless you have informed them and brought them on the same page.

Warning Against Abuse of Monitoring Tech

The onus for this falls on both the companies develop monitoring software, as well as the companies providing marketing services to the former. Sometimes all it takes is a warning to discourage people from indulging in something illegal or unsafe. The focus of software companies should not be on minting money alone, but should also be on making sure that their products are not becoming a source of harm or discomfort for anyone. The marketers, on the other hand, should not hide the potential dangers of the product they are promoting. It is their responsibility to deliver the complete message, especially when the privacy and security of people is at risk. A lot of companies have started working on it already by clearly highlighting the possible issues that their monitoring solutions may lead to when not used responsibly.


This is pretty self-explanatory. Basically anyone with an access to monitoring technology should exercise resist the temptation to abuse its powerful features. Yes, that can prove extremely hard when the inner demons start to take control, but that is something that you need to suppress on your own. Look for other ways to remove your suspicious or get answers. Stick to the legitimate and reasonable scope of monitoring to stay out of trouble yourself and not pose a threat to anyone’s privacy and security.